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28 March1920London’s airport is moved from Hounslow Heath to the much larger and better equipped airfield of Croydon AerodromeUK
28 March1931Boeing Air Transport, National Air Transport, Varney Airlines and Pacific Air Transport combine as United Air LinesUSA
28 March1947A dual ceremony, the first two Douglas DC-6 commercial airliners are delivered to American Airlines and United Air LinesUSA
28 March1952Convair CV-340 entered service with United Air LinesUSA
28 March1961Air Afrique is formedIvory Coast
28 March1980First flight of the British Aerospace JetstreamUK
28 March1981Dornier Do 228-100 first flightGermany
28 March1988

Air France, launch customer for the A.320 takes delivery of the first aircraft

28 March1988Atlantic Airways first flight from its base on the island of Vágar, to CopenhagenFaroe Islands
28 March1992

Chosonminhang is renamed Air Koryo by the decision of the Government

North Korea
28 March2005Chicago Express Airlines, also known as ATA Connection, ceases operationsUSA
28 March2007GOL announces acquisition of VarigBrazil
28 March2010PAL Express rebrands itself as Airphil ExpressPhilippines
28 March2011Camair-Co officially starts operationsCameroon
28 March2014Veca Airlines is foundedEl Salvador
28 March2014World Airways ceases operationsUSA
27 March1920The last commercial flights took place at Hounslow Heath Aerodrome, and AT&T moved its operations to Croydon AirportUK
27 March1924ABA is formed at Stockholm by Adrian and Carl Florman (>SAS)Sweden
27 March1952United was the launch customer for the CV.340, taking its first aircraftUSA
27 March1970Concorde makes its first supersonic flightUK
27 March1975First flight of the de Havilland Canada Dash 7, piloted by Bob FowlerCanada
27 March1995Aero Zambia starts operationsZambia
27 March2001

Athens International Airport Inauguration by the Prime Minister, C. Simitis

27 March2002Air Canada launches Jazz (>Air Canada Express) after renaming it from Air Canada RegionalCanada
27 March2005Germania Express merges into dba Germany
27 March2007airberlin purchases the leisure airline LTUGermany
27 March2008London Heathrow's state-of-the-art Terminal 5 opensUK

March 2015 Updates


28Mar15newsSenegal Airlines will be nationalised in a bid to stave off its imminent collapseSenegal
28Mar15addedAir Salzburg: start-up planning to use BAe Jetstream aircraftAustria
28Mar15newsWizz Air says it will wind up its Wizz Air Ukraine subsidiary operations on April 20 in line with the ongoing restructuring of the Group's operations in Ukraine.Ukraine
ES-air has announced it will cease operations from March 29 onwards citing weak demand
27Mar15newsYemen Airways suspend all flights until next SundayYemen
27Mar15updateLongjiang Airlines: status changed from 'Began' back to 'Planned' as airline is set to make its debut in December this yearChina
26Mar15updateAir Mandalay will resume scheduled commercial flights on May 1Nepal
26Mar15updateFree Spirit Airlines: status changed from 'Began' back to 'Planned' as airline has acquired a single Beech 1900C Australia
25Mar15newsLeón Airlines is slated to commence operations on April 1 using a Saab 340ASpain
25Mar15newsHarbour Air Seaplanes could partner the Cardiff Business Council in a planned new Welsh business venture which aims to connect Cardiff with the rest of the country and LondonUK

TAP's A.319 (CS-TTU) painted in a tribute to its 70 years of operation on the 14th March.

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