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5 September 1919For 1st time, airplanes used to aid whale hunting along coast of Vancouver, BC. i.e. planes spot whales and radio to ships Canada
5 September 1927Aeroposta Argentina Airline (>Aerolineas Argentinas) is formed in Buenos AiresArgentina
5 September 2012Colgan Air ceased operationsUSA
4 September 1971First transatlantic crossing of the Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde made by 01 on a sales and demonstration tourUK
4 September 1981Ed Beauvais, CEO, founded the company that would become America West USA
4 September 1949First flight Bristol Type 167 Brabazon, British large propeller-driven airliner, designed to fly transatlantic routesUK
3 September 1939Following the formal declaration of war by the British Government on Germany, all civil flying ceasedUK
3 September 1970Air France places the first orders for the Airbus A300France
3 September 1981First flight of the British Aerospace 146UK
3 September 2009SkyEurope  ceases operationsSlovakia
3 September 2009BA CityFlyer accepts delivery of its first Embraer 170, Brazilian narrow-body medium-range twin-engine jet airlinerUK
2 September 1919Handley Page Transport Ltd started flights from London Cricklewood to Paris Le Bourget with converted HP WWI bombersUK
2 September 1998First flight of the B.717USA
2 September 2005Swe Fly ceases operationsSweden
2 September 2008Kato Airline ceases operationsNorway
1 September 1926Northwest Airlines (>Delta Air Lines) was founded by Colonel Lewis Brittin, under the name Northwest AirwaysUSA
1 September 1927National Air Transport delivers the first air cargo in the United States between Dallas and New York (>UAL)USA
1 September 1937Air Canada, Canada’s largest airline, begins operations as TCA (Trans-Canada Airlines)Canada
1 September 1946Vickers Viking entered Service with BEA (British European Airways)UK
1 September 1951Fiji Airways' first commercial flightFiji
1 September 1954First flight Lockheed L-1249 Super Constellation, 4 engine airliner, turbine powered version of Constellation familyUSA
1 September 1954Finnair inaugurates a Helsinki to London service operating Convair CV340sFinland
1 September 1967Air Malawi starts operations on this date & suspended all flights on 25Feb2013Malawi
1 September 1967Air Rhodesia > (Air Zimbabwe) is formedSouthern Rhodesia
1 September 1972British Airways Group was established, which resulted in BOAC and BEA being dissolved on 31 March 1974 upon the formation of British AirwaysUK
1 September 1979Air Lanka (>Srilankan Airlines) makes its inaugural flightSri Lanka
1 September 2014Bylina has its AOC suspended by Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia)Russia
1 September 2014Avianca Ecuador start operations after renamed from AeroGalEcuador
31 August 1962First flight of the Sud Aviation Caravelle 10A, re-engined prototype evolution of the French short/medium-range jet airlinerFrance
31 August 1981Líneas Aéreas de Nicaragua, operating as LANICA, was the national airline from 1945 until it ceases on this date. It was succeeded by AeronicaNicaragua
31 August 1995Lynden Air Cargo starts operationsUSA
31 August 1999Reno Air is fully integrated into American AirlinesUSA
31 August 2000Virgin Australia commences operations as Virgin BlueAustralia
31 August 2012FlyJamaica receives its Jamaican air operator’s certificateFiji
31 August 2013AirAsia Japan is relaunched as Vanilla AirJapan
Updates& Additions


31 August 2015[added] Laird Air: 'Active' airline operating Cessna Caravan aircraftCanada
30 August 2015[added] AMA Air Express (1986*) >AMA Norving >Salair + Skyways Express =>Avia ExpressSweden
30 August 2015[update] Air Charter (Asia) was a subsidiary of Air France & began operating flights between Paris and Taipei via Hong Kong in 1993. Ceased operations in 1998France
29 August 2015[added] Air France Asie Cargo was formed by Air France to allow access to Taiwan. Ceased operations in 2007France
29 August 2015[update] Skygreece Airlines has temporarily suspended operations following a series of transatlantic flight cancellations that began last weekGreece
28 August 2015[added] Fastjet Zimbabwe is due to start operations later in 2015Zimbabwe
28 August 2015[added] Fastjet Zambia is due to start operations later in 2015Zambia
27 August 2015[update] Rainbow Airlines, which was scheduled to have its maiden flight on 26Aug2015, has indefinitely postponed its service over unclear circumstancesZimbabwe
27 August 2015[added] Haifu Airlines has secured preliminary approval from the CAAC following its establishment earlier this yearChina
26 August 2015[update] Sea Air started operations on 23Aug2015Croatia
26 August 2015[added] Xichang Airlines is a planned subsidiary carrier established in south western Sichuan by Tianjin AirlinesChina
24 August 2015[update] Korongo Airlines has suspended flights until at least August 26 following an incident involving its sole aircraft DR Congo
24 August 2015[added] Avianca Peru was established in 1999 and started operations in Jul1999 as TransAm. Renamed to TACA Peru & then to current namePeru
23 August 2015[added] Alaska Air Transit is an Anchorage based air charter carrierUSA
23 August 2015[added] Rudufu, Nairobi-based operator operates passenger and cargo services in East and Central Africa mostly in the charter sectorKenya
22 August 2015Air Volga was formed in 1992 from the Aeroflot Volgograd Division [added] Russia
22 August 2015Augsburg Airways was founded in 1980 as Interot Air Service [added]  & renamed to Interot Airways. Renamed to current name when Lufthansa got involvedGermany
21 August 2015[added] Westinghouse Airways was founded in 1945 by the Westinghouse family. Air charter operations around British Columbia (via Doug Gent)Canada
20 August 2015[added] Victoria Flying Services was formed by Bill Sylvester on 29Aug1959 (via Doug Gent)Canada
20 August 2015[added] B.C. Airways The crash of a Ford Trimotor in Puget Sound, Washington, during bad weather kills 7 people and is called Canada’s first major air disaster (via Doug Gent)Canada
20 August 2015[added] BC Airlines was founded in 1943 as a charter operator by William Sylvester. It was one of the first commercial airlines in BC  (via Doug Gent)Canada

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