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  Latest (July's earlier Additions, Updates etc.)
news31Jul14FlyOlympicSweden- filed for bankruptcy on July 29 after talks with creditors collapsed
added31Jul14Jags AviationGuyana- began commercial operation on the on the 11th March 2007
added31Jul14THK Cargo AirlinesTurkey- will be operating two Boeing-747F freighter aircraft on scheduled services
July31JulOn this day in 1972USA- after 41 years in operation, Northeast Airlines completes its final day of service before being merged into Delta Air Lines the following day
added30Jul14Premier AirIndia- Banglaore based carrier has secured their No Objection Certificates (NOC) from the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation
added30Jul14Fly All WaysSuriname- start-up looking to offer scheduled passenger flights throughout the region using an F.70
July30JulOn this day in 1937Canada- inaugural flight of TCA (Trans-Canada Air Lines ) (later, Air Canada)
news29Jul14Asky AirlinesTogo- the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, has suspended all flight operations to Nigeria over the transportation of an Ebola virus victim into the country
update29Jul14Empost Air (Emirates Postal Service)UAE- status changed from 'Status' to 'Active
update29Jul14Elk Airways (Estonian Aviation)Estonia- status changed from 'Status' to 'Inactive' & end date confirmed as 2002
update29Jul14SGA Airlines (Siam General Aviation)Thailand- status changed to 'Inactive' from 'Renamed' after fallout with Nok Air
July29JulOn this day in 2002USA- Vanguard Airlines ceases operations
July29JulOn this day in 1929USA- a Ford Trimotor flown by Charles Lindbergh began the first coast-to-coast air passenger service through Transcontinental Air Transport (TWA).
update28Jul14Manx2UK- status changed to 'Renamed' as airline rebranded to Citywing in 2013 (thanks Paul Tipler)
news28Jul14Fly AfricaZimbabwe- the Civil Aviation Authority says the airline  will start operating between Vic Falls and Jhb this week
news28Jul14Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia
- is gearing up to possibly change its name and restructure air routes in what’s being deemed a massive brand overhaul
news28Jul14Shuttle AmericaUSA- will absorb Chautauqua Airlines by year-end as part of parent firm Republic Holdings' move to reduce costs
added28Jul14Cambodia Bayon AirlinesCambodia- plans to start operations in December using MA-60s
July28JulOn this day in 2009Cambodia- Cambodia Angkor Air commences operations.
July28JulOn this day in 1992Russia- Aeroflot changed it's name to Aeroflot Russian International Airlines
July28JulOn this day in 1950UK- the first scheduled passenger service flown by a gas-turbine powered airliner is British European Airway’s (BEA) Vickers V. 630 Viscount
news27Jul14Ghana AirwaysGhana- Government to revive the defunct National Airline?
July27JulOn this day in 1973USA- Eddie Rickenbacker (b.1890), American WW I fighter pilot, died in Zurich. He and several associates bought Eastern Airlines in 1938
July27JulOn this day in 1949UK- the world's first jet-propelled airliner, the British De Havilland Comet, makes its maiden test-flight in England
July27JulOn this day in 1928USA- the Boeing Model 80, a 12-passenger trimotor biplane transport, makes its first flight
    (July's earlier Additions, Updates etc.)


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1978^- Return of the ^ to denote when the airline was formed. This is in lieu of an operating start date and will be replaced when operating dates confirmed
2006*- The asterisk denotes that the start and/or end date are earliest/latest proven dates
Ada Air*- Asterisk on the airline denotes not totally sure of the airline's country
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+>- Assets taken over by airline
Began?- The airline may not have started or even been renamed before commencement of operations. So called "Paper Airlines"