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Latest database release - 21st August 2016 - contains 18,842 airlines + additions below
with 2,628 active, 143 planned, 13 added, 111 updates & >613 airline tickets
 Airline History (Holiday format)


21 August 1929Ford’s Tri-Motor aircraft, nicknamed “The Tin Goose has its first flight with Pitcairn Aviation’s passenger divisionUSA
21 August 1941SATA Air Acores was founded as Sociedade Açoreana de Estudos Aéreos Lda.Portugal
21 August 1985Sir Freddie Laker accepted a £8 million in a settlement with British Airways. Laker had sued twelve airlines for conspiring to drive Laker Airways out of business


22 August 1974First flight of the Short 330


22 August 1990Volga-Dnepr Airlines was established as a joint stock company & started operations in Oct1991Russia
22 August 2008The consortium Comapagnia Aerea Italiana (CAI) was founded. The consortium bought Alitalia and Air One, joining them together to eventually form the present AlitaliaItaly
22 August 2014SouthEast Airlines launched operationsKenya
23 August 1949BOAC commenced its first services to the Far East to be flown entirely by landplanesUK
23 August 1958Nigeria Airways was founded (after the dissolution of WAAC) & commenced operations on 01Oct1958Nigeria
23 August 1965Air Wisconsin started operationsUSA
23 August 2008Airlines Tonga, commenced operations in Dec2005, ceasedTonga
23 August 2009Wings of Bornholm commenced operationsDenmark
23 August 2011 Robin Hood Aviation filed for insolvency and ceased operations the following dayAustria
23 August 2012Air China Inner Mongolia was launched with start-up capital of Yuan 1bnChina
23 August 2013The incorporation process of Panatal into TAM was finalisedBrazil
23 August 2015Sea Air started operationsCroatia
24 August 1931Aerial Transport of Siam Company (ATSC) began operating (>Thai Airways International) Siam
24 August 1959PanAm (Pan American World Airways) inaugurated the first jetliner service between the continental United States and Hawaii, using Boeing 707sUSA
24 August 1959 Thai Airways International was established to operate international servicesThailand
24 August 1976Rio-Sul Servicos Aereas Regionais was establishedBrazil
24 August 1986Frontier Airlines ceased operations (>>UAL)USA
24 August 1992AeroSur started operationsBolivia
24 August 1994TAC (TransAir Congo) was establishedRepublic of Congo
24 August 2010SAMA ceased operationsSaudi Arabia
24 August 2013DAE (Dutch Antilles Express) ceased operationsNetherlands Antilles
25 August 1919AT&T (Aircraft Transport and Travel) used DH.16s to pioneer a regular service from Hounslow Heath Aerodrome to Le Bourget, the first regular international service in the worldUK
25 August 1955First flight of the Handley Page Dart HeraldUK
25 August 1993Air Zarco adopted the name of Air Madeira (>EuroAtlantic Airways)Portugal
25 August 1995First flight of the Airbus A.319France
25 August 2005Hansung Airlines received its AOC but it was withdrawn on 17 October 2008. Restarted as T'Way Air on 16Sep2010South Korea
25 August 2008The airline division of Island Aviation Services, formed on 13Apr2000, was rebranded as MaldivianMaldives
25 August 2011Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas was established by former Air Madrid director Julio MartinezSpain

 Latest Updates & Additions

August 21, 2016FlyTaxi Nord [added] merged into Viking Air Norway (>>FlyViking)Norway
August 21, 2016FlyViking was renamed from Giaevair (founded and backed by former Wideroe pilot, Ola Giæver.) [status change]. Had Viking Air Norway [added] merge inNorway
August 20, 2016Envi Airways is an Austin, Texas based executive carrier [added]USA
August 20, 2016Midnight Express was formed in Atlanta in 1983. Unfortunately it overexpanded & ceased in 1988 [added]USA
August 19, 2016Maleth-Aero operates B737s on charter services [added]Malta
August 18, 2016KEA (Kampala Executive Aviation) is an 'Active' that was incorporated in Aug2008 [added]Uganda
August 18, 2016Adirondack Airlines started operations in late Spring 1991. Started operations in Jun1991 & ceased in Dec1991 [added]USA
August 17, 2016Global Lift is hoping to start cargo operations towards the end of 2016 [added]Belgium
August 17, 2016Oryx Jet is an aviation services company specializing in the aircraft charter plus [added]UK
August 17, 2016Kaltim Airlines is the airline of Samarinda, with its head office located at Samarinda International Airport. Founded on 17Aug2011 by Awang F. Ishak and Sabri Ramdhani [added]Indonesia
August 17, 2016Setouchi Seaplanes launched services in the early part of 2016 [status change]Japan
August 17, 2016Quebecair was formed as Rimouski Aviation Syndicate [added] in 1946 & incorporated in 1947 as Rimouski Airlines [added]Canada
August 17, 2016Aero Rent, founded in 2001, ceased operations in Nov2011 [status change]Russia
August 16, 2016ECA (European Coastal Airlines) has temporarily suspended all flights after the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) launched an investigation into its operations [status change]Croatia
August 16, 2016Europe Airpost was founded in 1987 as Intercargo Service. Renamed to ASL Airlines France [added] in 2015France
August 15, 2016Island Wings is an FAA certified part 135 air carrier & has been in the charter business since 1989 [added]USA
August 14, 2016Bristow Norway [added] started operations from the Norwegian oil capital Stavanger in 1993 as Norsk Helikopter [added]. Renamed in Apr2009Norway
August 14, 2016Tröndelag Flyselskap operated Republic Seabees [added]Norway

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