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All notable dates

28 Jan1946Iraqi Airways starts operationsIraq
28 Jan1988Aboitiz Air Transport (>2Go) starts operationsPhilippines
27 Jan1953

Regular services of Aerolineas Argentinas between Buenos Aires and Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), with stops in Cordoba and Salta, are inaugurated

27 Jan1955Ariana Afghan Airlines is founded as Aryana Airlines Afghanistan
27 Jan1959First flight of Convair 880USA
27 Jan1966First flight of the Fairchild FH-227USA
27 Jan2011Asian Wings inaugurates its first flightMyanmar
27 Jan2013Spanair suspends operationsSpain
26 Jan1938

First landing of a scheduled U.S. passenger airliner using ILS (Pennsylvania Central Airlines Boeing 247-D)

26 Jan1939

The Boeing Model 314 Clipper is given permission by the Civil Aeronautics Authority to be used for commercial service by Pan American Airways

26 Jan1945First flight of the Miles Aerovan, a twin engine short-range low-cost transportUK
26 Jan1949

The first commercial flight of Indonesian Airways from Calcutta to Rangoon is made using a Douglas DC-3

26 Jan1981Vayudoot began operationsIndia
26 Jan1988

Dual ceremonies celebrate the simultaneous roll-out of the Boeing 737-400 and the 747-400

26 Jan2010Quantum Air ceased all operationsSpain

January's additions & updates

update27Jan15Air CarnivalStatus changed from 'Began' back to 'Planned' as airline aims to launch in April 2015India
update27Jan15Ten AirwaysHas ended operations after the Romanian civil aviation authority (Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Română - AACR) suspended its AOC on January 19Romania
update27Jan15Quick Duck AirlinesStatus changed to 'Inactive' as airline has temporarily suspended operationsSlovakia
news27Jan15SW ItaliaHas secured its AOC from the Italian civil aviation authority (ENAC : Ente Nazionale per L'aviazione Civile)Italy
update27Jan15C & M AirwaysAppears to have ceased operations as its last aircraft has been retiredUSA
added26Jan15Iranian State Airlines of the Ministry of Post and TelegramScheduled services started on March 15, 1938 with De Havilland DH 89 (Dragon Rapide)Iran
update26Jan15Transair CargoStatus changed to 'Inactive' and both dates added: 1998 - 2000South Africa
update26Jan15SkyHaulStatus changed to 'Inactive' as airline ceased operations in 2006South Africa
update26Jan15RoyalAirStatus changed to 'Renamed' as airline taken over by Quebecair in 1969Canada
news26Jan15Qeshm AirHas been transferred to the Oil Ministry to collect part of the businessman owner’s debt to the stateIran
update25Jan15Bosnian Wand AirlinesHas officially launched its 1st flight via Athens this morning at the International Airport Sarajevo. Status changedBosnia & Herzegovina
news25Jan15VIM AirlinesVTB bank has filed a motion in the Moscow Court of Arbitration to declare the carrier bankruptRussia
update24Jan15Fly Hermes (Hermes Aviation)Status changed to 'Inactive' as the Civil Aviation Directorate has suspended its Malta licence. It had started operations on 14Dec14Malta
update24Jan15Modern LogisticsStatus changed back to 'Planned' as it is set to receive its first B.737-400Brazil
update24Jan15Eyethu Air CargoStatus changed to 'Renamed' as airline merged into Aero Air Charter in 1999South Africa
added24Jan15Spectrem Air'Active' business/private charter carrier out of LanseriaSouth Africa



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