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28 May1946Aloha Pacific: a subsidiary setup by Aloha Airlines of Hawaii, starts operations with a single DC-10USA
28 May1946

BOAC (>British Airways) operates its first departure from London Airport instead of Hurn

28 May1947BSAA (>British Airways)  trials non-stop flights from London to Bermuda using aerial refueling over the AzoresUK
28 May1949Bharat Airways (>Air India) begins international operationsIndia
28 May1999

The first flight of Aegean Airlines from Athens to Heraklion and Thessaloniki

28 May2004Atlas Blue is established. Starts operations on 26Jul2004Morocco
28 May2006MidAtlantic Airways ceases operationsUSA
28 May2012

Azul announces the acquisition of TRIP Linhas Aéreas

28 May2013TACA all other Avianca airlines operates under the Avianca brandEl Salvador
28 May2014Vincent Aviation (the Australia division) shut downAustralia
27 May1936Aer Lingus makes its maiden flight from Baldonnel Aerodrome in Dublin to Bristol (Whitchurch airfield) in the UKIreland
27 May1955First flight of the Sud Aviation CaravelleFrance
27 May1999

National Airlines initiates service with nonstop flights between its Las Vegas hub and Chicago Midway and Los Angeles

27 May2013TACA International Airlines merges with Avianca and is renamed as Avianca El SalvadorEl Salvador


28May15updateAloha Pacific was a subsidiary setup by Aloha Airlines of Hawaii. May281984: started operations with a single DC-10USA
28May15addedTPA-The Aloha Airline: 26Jul1946: Aloha was founded as Trans-Pacific Airlines. renamed to TPA in 1950 and Aloha in 1958USA
27May15addedRose Air: Air Bright >Bright Flight (2014 - 2015) > Rose Air (2015 - date)Bulgaria
27May15addedBright Flight:Air Bright >Bright Flight (2014 - 2015) > Rose Air (2015 - date)Bulgaria


updateBright Aviation Services: status changed as airline ceased operations in 2007Bulgaria
27May15addedDuocai Guizhou Airlines: planning to operate scheduled domestic passenger flights out of its Guiyang hubChina
27May15addedBizCharters (2014 - 2015), now dba BizAir Shuttle is a charter operator that provides public charter flights operated by FAAUSA


updateYemenia: which had suspended services because of the fighting resumes limited operationsYemen


updateToumai Air Tchad: status changed to 'Inactive' as airline has not operated since 2013Chad


updateLuftline Georgia: status changed from 'Began' back to 'Planned' as airline intends to start this yearGeorgia
26May15newsEl Al Israel Airlines has confirmed it is in early talks to merge its Sun d'Or International Airlines into that of IsrairIsrael
26May15addedAutolux Airways begins operations to Syria on 24 May 2015Ukraine
26May15addedChoice Aire started public charter flights between Miami and Atlantic City on May 21 2015USA


updateSkyjet Air resumes flights following court casePhilippines


Four more items from Gklavas Athanasios. These include 2 airline tickets from Syndicato Condor (Brazil) 1928 - 1941 (>Gol)



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