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  Latest: (August Additions, Updates etc.)
added02Sep14Safari Express CargoKenya- cargo carrier using F.27-500 aircraft
update02Sep14Air100Finland- status changed to 'Inactive' as airline has suspended its only route until further notice
added02Sep14ExecAirUSA- 'Active' airline that was formed in 1996 as Exec Air in NY and renamed in 1999 to current name and moved to Florida
September02SepOn this day in 1998USA- first flight of the Boeing 717
September02SepOn this day in 2008USA- ExpressJet Airlines ended operations as an independent carrier
September02SepOn this day in 1919UK- Handley Page Transport Ltd started flights from London Cricklewood to Paris Le Bourget with converted HP WWI bombers
update01Sep14Urumqi AirlinesChina- status changed to 'Active' as airline commenced revenue services on Friday, August 29
added01Sep14JOTA AviationUK- 'Active' airline based at London Southend, operating throughout the UK and Europe for cargo and passengers
update01Sep14Plus UltraSpain- status changed from 'Began?' to 'Planned' as airline has just received it's first A340-300
September01SepOn this day in 1972UK- British Airways Group was established, which resulted in BOAC and BEA being dissolved on 31 March 1974 upon the formation of British Airways
September01SepOn this day in 1953Belgium- the first scheduled international helicopter service begins between Belgium and France, operated by Belgian airline Sabena
September01SepOn this day in 1946UK- Vickers Viking entered Service with BEA (British European Airways)
September01SepOn this day in 1937Canada- Air Canada, Canada’s largest airline, began operations as TCA (Trans-Canada Airlines)
news31Aug14DobroletRussia- intends to return to the skies in October albeit as a different entity
news31Aug14BylinaRussia- will have it's AOC suspended with effect from September 1 by Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia)
news31Aug14AlitaliaItaly-  is to phase out the Air One brand on October 1
August31AugOn this day in 2013Japan- AirAsia was relaunched as Vanilla Air
August31AugOn this day in 1999USA- Reno Air was fully integrated into American Airlines
August30AugOn this day in 1933France- Air France is formed through the merger of Air Orient, Compagnie Générale Aéropostale, Société Générale de Transport Aérien (SGTA)
update29Aug14Moskovia AirlinesRussia- AOC withdrawn today
added29Aug14Luan AirwaysIndia- Delhi based charter carrier hoping to start services this year
August28AugOn this day in 2010Mexico- Mexicana suspended operations
August26AugOn this day in 1996Philippines- Cebu Pacific Air is created as Cebu Air and renamed during the same year
    (August Additions, Updates etc.)






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1978^- Return of the ^ to denote when the airline was formed. This is in lieu of an operating start date and will be replaced when operating dates confirmed
2006*- The asterisk denotes that the start and/or end date are earliest/latest proven dates
Ada Air*- Asterisk on the airline denotes not totally sure of the airline's country
Inactive- Ceased operating or suspended
Unconfirmed- Companies that have not been confirmed as actual airlines
+>- Assets taken over by airline
Began?- The airline may not have started or even been renamed before commencement of operations. So called "Paper Airlines"