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25 November 1918Posta Aerea Transadriatica begins regular mail flights from VeniceItaly
25 November 1929CLASSA, formally constituted as a company on 13 March 1929, commences operations (>Iberia)Spain
25 November 1930Canadian Airways acquired companies controlled by the Aviation Corporation of Canada and Western Canada Airways (>Air Canada)Canada
25 November 1946SAVAG is founded (>>Cruzeiro do Sul…. >Gol)Brazil
25 November 1946Silver City Airways is incorporated (>British World Airlines)UK
25 November 1956Malev commences operations after rename from MaszovletHungary
25 November 1973Cook Island Airways first domestic service between Rarotonga and Aitutaki (>>Air Rarotonga)Cook Islands
25 November 1992Ukraine International Airlines start operations as Air Ukraine InternationalUkraine
25 November 2006Perla Airlines is established, but did not launch services until late April 2010Venezuela
25 November 2008Indochina Airlines first flightVietnam
25 November 2009Indochina Airlines ceases operationsVietnam
25 November 2010Petra Airlines is awarded its AOC (>Air Arabia Jordan)Jordan
24 November 1924A KLM Fokker F.VII makes the first flight from the Netherlands to the Dutch East Indies, taking 127 hours 16 min.Netherlands
24 November 1932de Havilland Dragon DH.84 first flightUK
24 November 1939British Overseas Airways Corporation was established by the merger of Imperial Airways and the original British Airways under the BOAC ActUK
24 November 1955Fokker F27 Friendship first flightNetherlands
24 November 1965

First commercial services through new Auckland International Airport

New Zealand
24 November 1971Hijacker D.B. Cooper parachuted from Northwest Orient Airlines B.727 at 10,000 feet over Washington state with $200,000 in ransomUSA
24 November 2003Overland Airways operations startNigeria
24 November 2006Fly540 operations startKenya
24 November 2013 EcoJet start operations with the inaugural flight from Cochabamba to Santa Cruz & SucreBolivia
24 November 2013Belle Air ceases operationsAlbania
24 November 2014Polet Flight (Polet Airlines) suspends operationsRussia

Latest Updates & Additions

25 November 2015Helifix provides helicopter and fixed wing aircraft charter and maintenance services to Papua New Guinea [added]Papua New Guinea
24 November 2015SKOGA, status changed to 'Inactive' and genealogy tree removed [update]  (thanks Klaus Vomhof)China
24 November 2015Free Falcon Air is a start-up hoping to commence services early next year [added]Libya
23 November 2015Virgin Atlantic has established Virgin Atlantic International to handle its Caribbean operations. To commence in Dec2015 having now secured its AOC [added]UK
23 November 2015POP Linhas Aéreas status changed as airline never launched [update] (obrigado Alexandre Alves)Brazil
23 November 2015The incorporation process of Panatal into TAM was finalised on 23 August 2013 [update] (obrigado Alexandre Alves)Brazil
22 November 2015Westair de México was established in 1957 as Transportes Aéreos del Centro de México (TACMSA) [added]Mexico
22 November 2015Aerovias de Poniente started operations in 1992. Merged with Litoral (Servicios Aereos Litoral) to form AeroLitoral in 1995 [added]Mexico

Latest Geneology Updates

25 November 2015Survey & Inland Transportation >Connellan Airways >Connair >Northern AirlinesAustralia
24 November 2015Economy Helicopters + Rotor Aidsgave =>ERA >Corvus AirlinesUSA
22 November 2015Litoral (Servicios Aereos Litoral) + Aerovias de Poniente =>AeroLitoral >Aeromexico ConnectMexico
20 November 2015Bluebell Aviation >Wrangler Aviation >TradeWinds Airlines >Sky Lease CargoUSA

>renamed to - >>merged in or absorbed - +> assets taken over - =>> merger resulted in new airline

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 Ada Air* - Asterisk on the airline denotes not totally sure of the airline's country
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 Unconfirmed - Companies that have not been confirmed as actual airlines
> - renamed to....
>> - merged into or absorbed by....
 +> - Assets taken over by airline
 Began? - The airline may not have started or even been renamed before commencement of operations. So called "Paper Airlines"