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02 July 1975

Crossair (>Swiss) commences scheduled passenger services as Business Flyers Basel

02 July 1981Lan Peru starts operationsPeru
02 July 1992Braniff Airlines (Braniff III) goes out of businessUSA
02 July 2001Liverpool Airport is renamed Liverpool John Lennon AirportUK
02 July 2006Shanghai Airlines Cargo International starts operationsChina
01 July 1919

London's first airport, Hounslow Heath opens for business; a de Havilland DH9 of Aircraft Transport & Travel makes first flight

01 July 1920Belgium establishes the first internal air-service of any European colony with the Lara-Ligne Aérienne Roi Albert in Belgian CongoBelgium
01 July 1923First commercial flight operated by Sabena between Brussels and LondonBelgium
01 July 1927Reed Chambers and financier Richard Hoyt (the Chambers-Hoyt Group) form Southeastern Air Lines (>PanAm)USA
01 July 1927Condor Syndikat officially ceases to existBrazil
01 July 1927Bertha Boeing, William's wife, inaugurates the first BAT (Boeing Air Transport) airmail flight with a Boeing Model 40USA
01 July 1933The Douglas DC-1, a forerunner of the famed DC-3, made its first flight. Transcontinental and Western Air (TWA) purchased the only one of these monoplanes built by DouglasUSA
01 July 1937Varney Speed Lines evolves into Continental Air Lines (>United Airlines)USA
01 July 1948First commercial flight from Idlewild Airport (golf course) which will become later New York International Airport and then John F. Kennedy International Airport.USA
01 July 1955

Deutsche Lufthansa is founded

West Germany
01 July 1958RNAC (Royal Nepal Airlines) (>Nepal Airlines) is formedNepal
01 July 1959Hong Kong Airways is purchased by Cathay PacificHong Kong
01 July 1960BUA (British United Airways) (>British Airways) is formedUK
01 July 1979North Central Airlines and Southern Airways merge to form Republic AirlinesUSA
01 July 1981Corse Air International which was formed on 17May1981 starts operationsFrance
01 July 1982Air Creebec starts operationsCanada
01 July 1983Noosa Air is integrated into SunState AirlinesAustralia
01 July 1988CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China), the Chinese state airline, changes its name to become Air ChinaChina
01 July 1988China Southern Airlines is establishedChina
01 July 1991Braniff Airlines (Braniff III) starts operationsUSA
01 July 1991Eva Air operations startsTaiwan
01 July 1992Reno Air commences operationsUSA
01 July 1995Alliance Air operations startsUganda
01 July 1997Eurolot, a formerly wholly owned subsidiary of LOT is foundedPoland
01 July 1998JAL Express (>JAL) commences operationsJapan
01 July 2001Singapore Airlines Cargo begins operationsSingapore
01 July 2009Cargo B Airlines files for bankruptcy protection and stops all operationsBelgium
01 July 2014Tigerair Mandala shuts downIndonesia


03Jul15updateLeón Airlines: status to 'Inactive' as airline started flights but ceased after only 8 weeksSpain
02Jul15updateB&H Airlines to be closed down and liquidatedBosnia & Herzegovina
01Jul15updateFly540 Ghana will shortly resume operations under a revised brand - Royal Fly540Ghana
01Jul15updateGreenland Express is planning to resume operations on July 2 with flights between Billund and Copenhagen KastrupDenmark
30Jun15updateCosta Airlines: status changed back to ''Planned" as airline outline routes for this yearVenezuela
28Jun15updateKelowna Flightcraft Air Charter has been rebranded to KF CargoCanada
28Jun15updateTexas Air Shuttle: status changed to 'Active' as airline appears to have started charter services earlier this yearUSA
28Jun15updateThree of China's largest cargo carriers - China Cargo Airlines, Air China Cargo and the cargo division of China Southern Airlines are to merge, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)China
27Jun15addedAir Nelson founder Robert Inglis has announced plans launch a new airline to start in Aug2015New Zealand
26Jun15updateAbakan Avia was formed in 1992 & renamed to Royal Flight on 11Jul2014Russia
26Jun15addedUktus Avia was formed in 2010 at Ekaterinburg airport-UtkusRussia
26Jun15updateKRA (Kiwi Regional Airlines) says it plans to commence commercial flights from 27Sep2015New Zealand
25Jun15updateSky Bishkek suspends operations in Jun2015Kyrgyzstan
25Jun15addedSunline: tentative name for a new long-haul low-cost airline set up by the owner of Air Caribbean France
24Jun15addedAerCaribe takes delivery of maiden B.737 freighterColombia
24Jun15addedSunkar Air is an Almaty based carrier hoping to start later this yearKazakhstan
24Jun15addedVirgin Australia Cargo: intends to compete in the domestic and short-haul international cargo market for the first timeAustralia
23Jun15updateAppalachian Air is to suspend operations next month citing a lack of demand. The carrier only commenced operations in November last yearUSA 
23Jun15updatePAWA Dominicana has announced it will commence scheduled passenger flights in August Dominica
20Jun15newsFly Baghdad is to start operations shortly using initially a former Air Nostrum CRJ200Iraq
19Jun15addedSmile Air: appear to have 3 x B.744 aircraftGhana
19Jun15addedPuRen Airlines: plans to operate services out of LubeckGermany


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