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10 October 1926Northwest Airways began service as a contract mail carrier, carrying air mail from the Twin Cities to Chicago (>Delta Air Lines)USA
10 October 1956First flight of the Lockheed L-1649 StarlinerUSA
10 October 1971EgyptAir, established as Misr Airlines on 07 June 1932 is renamed from UAA (United Arab Airlines) on this dateEgypt
10 October 1974Air Nippon starts operations as NKA (Nihon Kinkyori Airways)Japan
10 October 1983Air Link International Airways is establishedPhilippines
10 October 1985Presidential Airways, founded in 1985 by Harold J. (Hap) Pareti (formerly PEOPLExpress) as a low-cost carrier' commences services on this dateUSA
10 October 2006Esen Air starts operationsKyrgyzstan
10 October 2007Azteca Airlines (Lineas Aereas Azteca) ceases operations due to poor financial situationMexico
10 October 2010RAK Airways suspends all services & is relaunched as a low-cost carrierUAE
10 October 2011AviaNova ceases operationsRussia
10 October 2014Primera Air Nordic commences scheduled operations using its sole aircraft, a B737-800Latvia
09 October 1946Air Atlas (Societe Cherifienne de L'Air) (>RAM) is registered Morocco
09 October 1974Air Maldives starts operations with Male to ColomboMaldives
09 October 1998Amakusa Airlines is foundedJapan
09 October 2005Alajnihah Airways launches cargo servicesLibya
09 October 2008Interavia ceases operationsRussia
09 October 2008LagunAir  ceases operationsSpain
09 October 2010Air Mekong flight operations are launchedVietnam
09 October 2013Air Bashkortostan is closed down by owner VIM AviaRussia

Latest Updates & Additions

10 October 2015Congo Airways started operations on 09 October 2015 [update]DR Congo
10 October 2015Beacon launched its maiden commercial operations on 15 September 2015 [update]USA
10 October 2015AirAsia Japan II has secured its AOC & now plans to launch early 2016 [update]Japan
09 October 2015Sky Prim Air [added] was formed as a successor to GrixonaMoldova
09 October 2015Iconair intends to launch operations this month [update]Pakistan
09 October 2015Arke was renamed to TUIfly (Netherlands) on 01 October 2015 [added]Netherlands
09 October 2015Estelar Latinoamerica has received it's AOC back in October 2015 after losing it in 2014 [update]Venezuela
08 October 2015Central American Airlines was formed by Dr. T.C. Pounds, an oculist from New York, in 1922 after he obtained a mail contract from the Honduran Govt. [added]Honduras
08 October 2015Rhodesian Aerial Tours was established in 1922 & damaged its only aircraft on 13 August 1922 & went into liquidation [update]Southern Rhodesia
07 October 2015Azur Air Ukraine [added] is to be the new name for UTairRussia
07 October 2015Air Bagan resumed operations on 01 October 2015 [update]Myanmar
07 October 2015Indonesia AirAsia is to be consolidated into longhaul sister firm Indonesia AirAsia X [update]Indonesia
07 October 2015The Aeroflot Group is planning to merge Donavia, Rossiya and Orenair one encompassing airline under the Rossiya brand [update]Russia

Latest Geneology Updates

10 October 2015Air Charter + Hunting Clan Air Transport + Airwork + Morton Air Services =>BUA + Caledonian Airways =>Caledonian/BUA >BCAL >>British AirwaysUK
10 October 2015Congo Airlines + Zaire Airlines + Zaire Express =>HBA >flyCongo + CAA =>Fly CAADR Congo
10 October 2015Balair + CTA =>Balair - CTA >Balair >BelairSwitzerland
09 October 2015Aegean Aviation >Aegean Airlines + Cronus Airlines =>Aegean Cronus Airline >Aegean AirlinesGreece
09 October 2015HollandExel >Arkefly >Arke >TUIfly (Netherlands)Netherlands
08 October 2015Naka Nihon Airlines (NAL) >Air Central + Air Nippon Network + Air Next =>ANA WingsJapan
08 October 2015CNCAC (Compañía Nacional Cubana de Aviación Curtiss) >CNCA (Compania Nacional Cubana de Aviacion) >Cubana de AviacionCuba
07 October 2015Regional Lineas Aereas >Cygnus Air >Gestair Cargo >Cygnus AirSpain
07 October 2015Light Air Company >Air Jamahiriya >>Libyan Arab Airlines >Libyan AirlinesLibya

>renamed to - >>merged in or absorbed - +> assets taken over - =>> merger resulted in new airline


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