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Latest database release - 23rd July 2016 contains 18,770 airlines + additions below
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 Airline History


26 July 1932

The Boeing Model 247, the first modern airliner, is awarded its patent

26 July 1946Trans-Pacific Airlines begins non-scheduled inter-island service in Hawaii using a World War II surplus Douglas C-47 (>Aloha Airlines)USA
26 July 1955Capital Airlines adopts the Vickers Viscount, the first US airline to select a British airliner The first service was between Washington and ChicagoUSA
26 July 1971Cameroon Airlines is createdCameroon
26 July 1994Moldavian Airlines is establishedMoldova
26 July 1996Fischer Air is establishedCzech Republic
26 July 2004Atlas Blue starts operations (>>RAM)Morocco
26 July 2005EUjet goes into administrationIreland
26 July 2011Tibet Airlines, incorporated on 17Jun2010, starts operationsChina
26 July 2011Timor Air starts operationsEast Timor
26 July 2012Air Finland, ceased operations on 26Jun2012, files for bankruptcyFinland

 Latest Updates & Additions

July 26, 2016Rainbow Airlines has now started operations [status change]Zimbabwe
July 26, 2016British Gulf International Airlines has ceased operations [status change]UAE
July 26, 2016TRAST Aero Atlantic operates out of Sharjah International, United Arab Emirates [added]Sao Tome
July 26, 2016JBC Airlines intends to launch services in Aug2016 [added]Sao Tome
July 26, 2016Air Mancora intends to launch flights to Ecuador in 2017 [added]Peru
July 26, 2016Naxosair intends to start operations in 2017 out of Naxos [added]Greece
July 26, 2016Air Lift Alaska is licensed by the State of Alaska and the Federal Aviation Administration to provide aircraft passenger and freight service [added]USA
July 26, 2016Al Sharqiya Aviation has secured its No Objection Certificates (NOC) from Oman's Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) [added]Oman
July 26, 2016Salalah Air has secured its No Objection Certificates (NOC) from Oman's Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) [added]Oman
July 26, 2016No information as yet on Rey Airlines [added]Turkey
July 26, 2016Run Aviation is a start-up carrier that obtained its AOC from the French civil aviation authority in Mar2016 [added]Reunion
July 26, 2016Pecotox-Air has resumed operations in 2016 after going out of business in Jun2007 [status change]Moldova
July 25, 2016NewLeaf Travel, launched in Jan2016 and then abruptly put its operations on hold, says it will start flying on 25Jul2016 [status change]Canada
July 25, 2016AirXport operated between 1986 - 1989 [added]Iceland
July 25, 2016Air Arctic ceased operations in 2014 [status change]Iceland
July 25, 2016No information as yet on Paladin Energy Airlines [added]Malawi
July 24, 2016Flight Express started as Chapman Air [added] in May1978USA
July 24, 2016Bravo Air (Georgia) was founded in Tbilisi on 26Jun2013 [added]Georgia
July 24, 2016Georgian Star International, formed in 2009, ceased operations in 2015 [status change]Georgia
July 24, 2016Karre Aviation Georgia was a cargo carrier out of Tbilisi Lochini [added]Georgia
July 24, 2016Air Victory Georgia ceased operations in 2009 [status change]Georgia
July 24, 2016Air Iberia ceased operations in 2011 [status change]Georgia
July 24, 2016Air Batumi, founded in 2010, ceased operations in 2012 [status change]Georgia
July 24, 2016Air Caucasus ceased operations in 2014 [status change]Georgia
July 23, 2016Air Ukraine was formed out of the Aeroflot Kiev directorate [added] in 1992USSR
July 23, 2016Rostock Airways ceased operations in 2014 [status change]Germany
July 23, 2016Moldavian Airlines ceased operations in 2014 [status change]Moldova
July 23, 2016Imatong Airlines ceased operations in 2014 [status change]Kenya
July 23, 2016Gorkha Airlines, formed in 1996, ceased operations in 2014 [status change]Nepal

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26 July 1955Capital Airlines adopts the Vickers Viscount, the first US airline to select a British airliner The first service was between Washington and ChicagoUSA



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 +> - Assets taken over by airline
 Began? - The airline may not have started or even been renamed before commencement of operations. So called "Paper Airlines"
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