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 Airline History


24 June 1918The first air mail in Canada is flown from Montreal to TorontoCanada
24 June 1926The first scheduled flights to Chişinău starts on the route Bucharest – Galaţi – Chişinău and Iaşi, operated by CFRNA (Compagnie Franco-Roumaine de Navigation Aérienne)Moldova
24 June 1932Pulkovo Airlines is founded (>>Rossiya)Russia
24 June 1966Air Tchad is foundedChad
24 June 1960First flight of the Hawker Siddeley HS 748UK
24 June 1995Slovak Airlines is establishedSlovakia
24 June 2003Hellas Jet first flight is operated from AthensGreece
24 June 2008Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) is established by the present President & CEO Yohei Suzuki as Suzuyo AirJapan
24 June 2013WestJet Encore, a regional airline that is a wholly owned subsidiary of WestJet commences operationsCanada
24 June 2014Bosnian Wand Airlines is founded in Gornje DubraveBosnia & Herzegovina

 Latest Updates & Additions

Date added / updated 
24 June 2016Downeast Flying Service was formed in 1984. Based in Wiscasset, Maine [added]USA
23 June 2016On 22 June 2016 VLM Airlines declared bankruptcy. All flights were cancelled with immediate effect and all planes grounded [update] Belgium
22 June 2016Indonesia Air was established & started operations in 1968 as Indonesia Air Transport [added]Indonesia
22 June 2016Aero-Kamov was formed in 1994 & operates a fleet of Kamov helicopters for aerial work [added]Russia
21 June 2016Bhaarat Airways operated between 1995 and 1999 [added]India
21 June 2016Kolpashevo Air Enterprise was formed from the Aeroflot Kolpashevo division [added]USSR
21 June 2016Kotlasavia was formed from the Aeroflot Kotlas division [added]USSR
21 June 2016Tuva Airlines was formerly Aeroflot Kyzyl Division [added] in 1932 & privatised in 1992USSR
21 June 2016Kuban Airlines was established as the Aeroflot Kuban Division [added] in 1932USSR
20 June 2016Komiaviatrans was formed in 1967 as the Aeroflot Komi Directorate [added]USSR
20 June 2016 [update] New Zealand
18 June 2016EJA/Newport was formed by the amalgamation of Executive Jet Aviation [added] of Columbus, Ohio and Newport Aero of Newport, Rhode IslandUSA
18 June 2016 [update] New Zealand
17 June 2016Go! Aviation has announced it will begin commercial operations in Aug2016 [update] Finland
15 June 2016Rossiya Airlines was established in 1992 as Russia Special CAD [added]Russia
15 June 2016Rossair Charter is still operating [update] Australia
15 June 2016Knightflight Airways intends to start services in early 2017 [added]Jamaica
15 June 2016Eurowings Europe has received its AOC [update] Austria
15 June 2016LAN Airlines was formed as Línea Aeropostal Santiago-Arica. Renamed to LANChile & then LAN Airlines. Re-established as LATAM Chile [added] on  5 May 2016Chile
14 June 2016 Air Carnival intends to start operations before the end of June 2016 [update] India
13 June 2016 Skywise, which halted operations in December 2015, have stated its intent to restart by the end of this year [update] South Africa
12 June 2016 SaudiGulf Airlines will awarded its AOC in June 2016 [update] Saudi Arabia
11 June 2016Solomon Airlines restarted limited services on 8 June 2016 [update]Solomon Islands

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22 June 1984Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic, begins services to North America, using B.747sUK




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