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Airline History


13 February 1928Prospecting Airways Ltd. was formed for aerial prospectingCanada
13 February 1936Imperial Airways  (>British Airways) commences airmail services to West AfricaUK
13 February 1963PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines) (>US Airways) became a public corporationUSA
13 February 1985Qantas New Zealands' first scheduled flight as Newmans AirNew Zealand
13 February 1986

Muse Air changes its name to Tran-Star (>Southwest)

13 February 1995Air Philippines is incorporated, with the base of operations being the former Naval Air Station Cubi PointPhilippines
13 February 2002SkyEurope Airlines flies its first passengersSlovakia
13 February 2012PEOPLExpress II is foundedUSA
13 February 2015Guangxi Beibu Gulf Air officially starts operationsChina
12 February 1919

Lignes Aeriennes Farman opens the route between Paris and Brussels, flown by an F.60 Goliath

12 February 1947

The first international flight of State Airlines Administration (Hava Yollari Devlet Isletmesi Idaresi) is flown (>Turkish Airlines)

12 February commences operationsUK
12 February 2004Exactly four years and one day after the launch of JetBlue, United Airlines responds to its low cost competitors by creating another airline called TedUSA
12 February 2013Bahrain Air ceases operationsBahrain
12 February 2013Mordovia Airs' AOC is revokedRussia
12 February 2015FlyEgypt's' first commercial flight heading to Jeddah is to uplift a group of VIPsEgypt

Latest Updates & Additions

13 February 2016Skyforce Aviation ceased operations [status change]Australia
13 February 2016Newleaf Airways have temporarily postponed sales of airline tickets for flights that were scheduled to begin on 12 February 2016 [update]Canada
13 February 2016On 31 August 2015 cargo carrier, Airest announced the start of a new passenger airline named Flyest [added]Estonia
13 February 2016Copterline was a Finnish-Estonian helicopter airline that flew a regular 18-minute service on the Helsinki–Tallinn route [added]Estonia
12 February 2016Panaviatic was established in 2008 as a charter carrier [added]Estonia
12 February 2016Regional Jet received its AOC in early 2016 [added]Estonia
12 February 2016Timberline Helicopters is an 'Active' carrier that was founded in 2004 [added]USA
11 February 2016Buffalo Airways had had its AOC suspended on 30 November 2015 by Transport Canada but was reinstated on 12 January 2016 [status change]Canada
11 February 2016SAN-TA is a new start-up that intends to start operations in mid 2016Colombia
11 February 2016Amira Air, founded in 2004, is to be rebranded to LaudaMotion following its takeover by ex-Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda [added]Austria
11 February 2016Talofa Airways is intending to commence revenue operations in April 2016 [added]Samoa
10 February 2016British Airways intend to begin operations out of  London Stansted on May 28 [news]UK
9 February 2016QuikJet Cargo ceased operations in 2015 but intends to restart in 2016 [status change]India
9 February 2016Dominican Wings commenced revenue operations with its first commercial flight (Santo Domingo Las Américas-Port of Spain) on 05 February 2016 [status change]Dominican Republic
9 February 2016Sol Lineas Aereas is hoping to restart operations in March 2016 [status change]Argentina

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 Began? - The airline may not have started or even been renamed before commencement of operations. So called "Paper Airlines"

The World Africa Americas Europe Rest of World Airline Tickets Airline History