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Latest additions & updates

update19Dec14Eastern Air LinesStart date changed to 2015USA
news19Dec14VistaraTata Group is set to launch its full-service airline on 9 January 2015India
update19Dec14Cambodia Bayon Airlines launched its inaugural flight from China to Phnom Penh on Tuesday 16 DecCambodia
update19Dec14SpiceJetStatus back to 'Active' as airline restarted operations late WednesdayIndia
update19Dec14Manu'a AirwaysStatus changed to 'Began?' as airline failed to startSamoa
added19Dec14TausaniScheduled carrier set to launch shortlySamoa
update18Dec14Air AndorraLaunch delayed until 2015Spain
update18Dec14Afrijet ChadStatus changed to 'Active'Chad
added18Dec14Blue Square Aviation'Active' charter carrier with a single CRJ-200Malta
update18Dec14V airStatus changed to 'Active' as airlines inaugural flight took place yesterdayTaiwan
update17Dec14SpiceJetStatus changed to 'Inactive' as airline cancels all flightsIndia
added17Dec14Caicos Express AirwaysLaunched its maiden scheduled international air service on Saturday, December 13Turks & Caicos Islands
added17Dec14Small Planet Airlines ThailandSubsidiary of Lithuania's airline, established to operate A.320s out of Bangkok (Don Mueang)Thailand
update15Dec14Air MantraStatus changed to 'Inactive' and end date is 2013India
update15Dec14Elders Colonial AirwaysStatus changed to 'Inactive' and dates changed to 1935 - 1940Nigeria
  Notable dates 
19 Decin 2002Adam Air starts operationsIndonesia
19 Decin 1989American Airlines purchases the Central and South American routes owned by struggling Eastern Air LinesUSA
19 Decin 1986

Western Air Lines becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta

19 Decin 1980New York Air begins airline operationsUSA
19 Decin 1975Air France takes delivery of its 1st ConcordeFrance
19 Decin 1908The world’s first aerodrome, Port-Aviation, is opened 12 miles (19 km) outside of ParisFrance
18 Decin 1970Airbus Industries is formally established to develop the Airbus A300; it comprises Aérospatiale, Deutsche Airbus, Fokker and Hawker SiddeleyFrance
18 Decin 1950

Harewood Aerodrome, Christchurch becomes the first international airport operating in New Zealand

New Zealand
18 Decin 1936Wearne's Air Service is formed (> MAS)Malaya



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1978^- Return of the ^ to denote when the airline was formed. This is in lieu of an operating start date and will be replaced when operating dates confirmed
2006*- The asterisk denotes that the start and/or end date are earliest/latest proven dates
Ada Air*- Asterisk on the airline denotes not totally sure of the airline's country
Inactive- Ceased operating or suspended
Unconfirmed- Companies that have not been confirmed as actual airlines
+>- Assets taken over by airline
Began?- The airline may not have started or even been renamed before commencement of operations. So called "Paper Airlines"