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The Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) is a republic in western Africa, bordered on the north by Mali and Burkina Faso (Upper Volta), on the east by Ghana, on the south by the Gulf of Guinea, and on the west by Liberia and Guinea. The country has an area of 322,462 sq km (124,503 sq mi). Yamoussoukro is the official capital, and Abidjan is the de facto capital and largest city


Latest updates
24May15updateIvoirienne de Transportes Aeriens: status changed as still active
AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsTree

 Africa Haul


 Afrique Regional Airlines

2003* - 2004*Inactive  

 Air Afrique

1961 - 2002InactiveAir Afrique was formed in 1961 

 Air Alize Afrique

2002 - 2002Inactive  

 Air Continental

2004* - 2006*Status?  

 Air Côte d'Ivoire

2012 - dateActivewas set up on 15May2012 & started operations 12Dec2012 

 Air Inter Ivoire

2004* - 2006*Status?  

 Air Ivoire

1956 - 1999Renamed >Air Ivoire

 Air Ivoire

2000* - 2011Inactive Air Ivoire

 ATI (Airtransivoire)

1973* - 1979*Status?  

 Interivoire (Societe Ivoirienne de Transport Aerien)

1978* - 1979*Status?  

 Ivoirienne de Transportes Aeriens

2007* - dateActiveairline was formed in early 2007 

 Nouvelle Air Afrique


 Nouvelle Air Ivoire

1999 - 2000*Renamed >Air Ivoire

 Panafrican Airways

2004* - 2006*Status?  


1975* - 1975*Status?  

 Solenta Aviation Cote D'Ivoire

2010* - dateActive  

 Sophia Airlines

2006 - 2011Inactive  

 Vansco Air Freight

1977 - 1992Inactive  

 Westair-Cargo Airlines

2003 - dateActive  

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