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Lesotho, formerly known as Basutoland is a country in southern Africa, bordered on all sides by South Africa. Lesotho is one of only two nations in the world to be completely encircled by a single country (the other is San Marino). The country gained it's independence in 1966. The kingdom of Lesotho is mainly mountainous and has a total area of 30,355 sq km (11,720 sq mi). The capital and largest city is Maseru


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9 June 2015

MalutiSky: is be the new name for MGC Airlines after rebranding update
AirlineOperating DatesStatusComments

Air Lesotho

1985 - 1999Inactive

Air Lesotho closed down on 06Feb1999

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Antonair International

1996* - 2001Inactive


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1961* - 1969Renamed

Basutair was taken over by Lesotho Airways in Dec1969

^ Genealogy - Basutair >>Lesotho Airways

Highland Air

1983* - 1984*Status?

Highland Air was formed in 1983

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Lesotho Airways

1967* - 1970Inactive


^ Genealogy - Lesotho Airways

Lesotho Airways

1979 - 1985Renamed

Lesotho Airways was founded in 1979

^ Genealogy - Lesotho Airways >Air Lesotho

Maluti Airservices

1954 - 1955Inactive


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Maluti Sky

2015 - dateActive

MGC Airlines was founded in 2012 & rebranded as Maluti Sky. Started charter operations in Jun2015 & scheduled passenger operations on 29Mar2016

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MGC Airlines (Matekane Air)

2012 - 2015Renamed

MGC Airlines was founded in 2012 & operations started on 30Jun2012. Rebranded as Maluti Sky

^ Genealogy - MGC Airlines >Maluti Sky