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Senegal is a republic in western Africa, bordered on the north by Mauritania, on the east by Mali, on the south by Guinea and Guinea-Bissau, and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The Gambia, a small, narrow country, forms an enclave in southern Senegal, extending inland along the Gambia River. The republic's total area is 196,722 sq km (75,955 sq mi). Dakar is the capital and largest city
AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsGenealogy

 Aero Services ASF

2004* - 2006*Status?




**** - ****Status?



 Africa Air Assistance

2007* - 2009Inactive



 Africair Service

**** - ****Status?



 African West Air

1994* - 1994Inactive



 Afrique Cargo Services

2003^ - dateActive



 Air Charter

1977 - 1982*Status?



 Air Continent Senegal

**** - ****Status?



 Air Dakar*

**** - ****Status?



 Air Senegal (Compagnie Senegalaise de Transports Aeriens (CSTA))

1971 - 2000Renamed


>Air Senegal International

 Air Senegal International

2001 - 2009Inactive

Air Sénégal International was established on 03Nov2000 & suspended all operations on 24Apr2009

Air Senegal International

 Ardic Aviation




 Atlantis Airlines

2001* - 2008*Inactive







 Eagle International

**** - ****Status?



 Georgian Cargo Airlines Africa

2003 - 2009*Inactive



 New Air




 Sahelian International Airlines




 Senegal Airlines

2011 - dateActive



 Senegal Airways

2004 - 2004Inactive




1985* - 2006*Inactive



 Sky Way Airlines




 Sonatra-Air Senegal

1963 - 1971Renamed


>Air Senegal International

 Sunu Air

2003 - 2012*Inactive



 TASC (Tropic Air Service Company)

**** - ****Status?



 Trans African Airlines




 Transafrica of Senegal




 Turbot Air Cargo

2006* - 2008*Status?