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Antigua and Barbuda is an independent island state in the West Indies, located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It consists of three of the Leeward Islands-Antigua and two smaller islands, Barbuda to the north and Redonda, an uninhabited rocky islet, to the southwest. The total area is 442 sq km (171 sq mi)


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17 August 2015[added] 4 Island Air Services was merged into LIAT in 1986
AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsGenealogy

 4 Island Air Services

1985* - 1986Renamed 4 Island Air Services >>LIAT


2001 - 2004InactiveAerowings was founded in 2001 

 Air British Virgin Islands

1971* - 1972*Status?Air British Virgin Islands was founded in 1971 

 Air Calypso

Early 1970sRenamed >Cairgo

 Antigua Caribbean Airways

2007* - 2007*Status?  

 Antigua International Airways

1990 - 1991Renamed >Prestige Airways


1974 - 1974Inactive Cairgo

 Cardinal Airlines

2002* - 2003*Status?  

 Carib Aviation

1972 - 2008Inactive  

 Caribbean Clipper Airways

1993 - 1994Renamed >Prestige Airways

 Caribbean Star Airlines

2000 - 2007Renamed Caribbean Star Airlines >>LIAT

 Caribbean Winds Airlines

1995 - 1996Inactive  


1992* - 2000*Renamed >CBJ Cargo

 CBJ Cargo

2000* - 2002*Inactive CBJ Cargo

 Eastern Caribbean Airways

1992 - 1993Renamed >Prestige Airways

 Grand Atlantic Airways

1992 - 1992Renamed >Prestige Airways

 Great Atlantic Airways

1991 - 1992Renamed >Prestige Airways

 Jet World Airways

1989 - 1990Inactive  

 Leeward Islands Air Transport Services

1956* - 1974RenamedLIAT was founded on 20Oct1956 as Leeward Islands Air Transport ServicesLeeward Islands Air Transport Services >LIAT


1974 - dateActiveLIAT was founded on 20Oct1956 as Leeward Islands Air Transport Services. Started ops as LIAT on 20Sep1974Leeward Islands Air Transport Services >LIAT

 Norman Aviation

2004* - 2006*Status?  

 Paradise Airways (Antigua & Barbados Airways)

1994 - 1995Renamed >Prestige Airways

 Seagreen Air Transport

1964 - 1985Inactive Seagreen Air Transport

 Seagreen Caribbean

1963 - 1964Renamed >Seagreen Air Transport


1992 - 2001Inactive