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Aruba is an island in the West Indies, located in the Caribbean Sea, near the Paraguanį Peninsula of Venezuela. An integral part of the Netherlands, Aruba was a member of the Netherlands Antilles until 1986. Aruba is about 30 km (about 19 mi) long and about 8 km (about 5 mi) wide, and has an area of 193 sq km (about 75 sq mi). Oranjestad is the capital and main town
AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsGenealogy

 Air Aruba

1988 - 2000Inactive

Founded by the Aruban Government as a ground handling agent. Privatised in 1988 and started regional air services


 Aruba Airlines

2013 - dateActive



 Aruba Airways

2005 - 2006Inactive


Royal Aruban Airlines >Aruba Airways

 Aruba Express

2002 - 2002Inactive

Aruba Express was forunded in 2002 & operated scheduled services to Aruba from Boston and Newark



2005 - 2006*Status?



 Avia Air

1987* - 2003Inactive

Avia Air was founded in 1987


 Comlux Aruba

2011* - dateActive



 FIA (First International Airlines)

1996 - 2006*Status?







 Ibis Aviation

1993 - 1999*Status?



 ILPO Cargo Airlines

1986 - 1993Inactive



 InselAir Aruba

2011 - dateActive



 Oduber Aviation

2004* - 2004*Status?



 Royal Aruban Airlines

2004 - 2005Renamed


Royal Aruban Airlines >Aruba Airways

 TBN Aircraft

1997* - 2006*Inactive



 Tiara Air

2007 - dateActive



 Trans Caribbean Airlines (Surinaamse TCA)

1990 - 1991Inactive



 West Aruba

2005 - 2006*Status?



 West Caribbean Airways Aruba

2005 - 2005Inactive