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Chile is a republic in south-western South America, bordered on the north by Peru, on the east by Bolivia and Argentina, and on the south and west by the Pacific Ocean. It has an extreme northern-southern length of approximately 4270 km (about 2650 mi), but its average width is less than 180 km (110 mi). Archipelagos extend along the southern Chilean coast from Chiloé Island to Cape Horn, the southernmost point of the South American continent. Among these are the Chonos Archipelago, Wellington Island, and the western portion of Tierra del Fuego. Other islands belonging to Chile include the Juan Fernández Islands, Easter Island, and Sala y Gómez, all of which lie in the South Pacific. The country has a total area of 756,626 sq km (292,135 sq mi). Chile also claims a section of Antarctica. The country's capital and largest city is Santiago
Latest updates
5 August 2015AeroDesierto has ceased operations just three months after launching them (status change)
29 January 2015Skylar Airways: Status changed back to 'Planned' as carrier will start this year (status change)
29 January 2015Chilejet: Has secured its AOC from the DGAC (Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil) and is to proceed with launch plans (info)
AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsGenealogy
 ADA (AeroDesierto)2015 - 2015InactiveAeroDesierto began operations from its home base in Calama on on 27Apr2015 & ceased after just 3 months 
 Aero Aysen1970* - 1970*Status?  
 Aero Club (Carabineros de Chile)2002* - 2007*Status?  
 Aero Continente Chile1999 - 2002InactiveAero Continente Chile was founded in 1999 
 Aero Nortesur (Aeronor Chile)1978 - 1986Inactive Aero Nortesur
 Aeroandina1981 - 1981Inactive  
 Aeroandina2002* - dateActiveAeroandina was founded in 2002 
 Aerocardal1991 - dateActiveAerocardal was formed in 1989 
 Aerocargo Regional1991* - 1993*Status?  
 AeroChile1996 - 1996RenamedAeroChile was founded in 1996>Avant Airlines
 Aerocor1978* - 1985*Status?  
 AeroEjectiva2005 - 2006*Status?  
 Aerohein2012* - dateActive  
 Aerolineas Austral(2003)Began?  
 Aerolineas Chilenas1960 - 1961*Status?  
 Aerolineas Cordillera1981* - 1981*Status?  
 Aerolineas del Sur2004 - 2007RenamedAir Comet Chile was formed as Aerolineas del Sur in 2004Aerolineas del Sur >Air Comet Chile
 Aerolineas Principal (Principal Airlines)2003* - 2009RenamedAerolineas Principal was founded in 2003Aerolineas Principa >PAL Airlines
 Aeromet1999* - 2006*Status?  
 Aeropuelche2003* - 2004*Status?  
 Aerosanta**** - ****Inactive  
 Aerovias ASA1978^ - 1979Inactive  
 Aerovias Bochettia**** - ****Status?  
 Aerovias DAP (DAP Airways)1979 - dateActive  
 Air Chile1956* - 1956*Status?  
 Air Comet Chile2004 - 2008InactiveAir Comet Chile was formed as Aerolineas del Sur in 2004Aerolineas del Sur >Air Comet Chile
 ALA (Sociedad de Transportes Aéreos)1953 - 1957Renamed >CINTA-ALA
 ALFA (Aerolineas Flecha Austral)1967* - 1967*Status?  
 Alfa Chile1973* - 1973*Status?  
 Alpine Air Express Chile2002* - 2006*Status?  
 Alta1995* - 1998*Status?  
 Antares (Linea Aerea Antares)1978* - 1979*Status?  
 Aquelarre1998* - 1999*Status?  
 Archipelagos Air Services2009 - 2012*Status?  
 ASA Aeroregional1990* - 1990*Status?  
 ASPAR (Aeroservicio Parrague)1960* - 2006*Status?  
 Avant Airlines1997 - 2001Inactive Avant Airlines
 Buluca Aviation1994* - 1994*Status?  
 CEPE-Chile1989* - 1989*Status?  
 Chile Inter (Chileinter)1998* - 1999Inactive  
 Chilean Airlines1929* - 1929Renamed >Braniff
 Chilejet2015 >Planned  
 CINTA (Compañía Nacional de Turismo Aéreo )1953 - 1957Renamed >CINTA-ALA
 CINTA-ALA1957 - 1959Inactive CINTA-ALA
 CorpFlite2000* - dateActive  
 Corretajes Vedisa(****)Unconfirmed  
 DAP Mineral Airways2013 - dateActive  
 Dolphin Air2003* - 2004*Status?  
 East West Chile1992 - 1992Inactive  
 Empressa Aero-Servicios Parrague (ASPAR)1992* - 2006*Status?  
 Fast Air Carrier1978* - 1998RenamedFast Air was formed on 14Aug1978. Lan Chile merged its cargo subsidiary Fast Air with Ladeco, forming LAN Express in Oct1998Fast Air Carrier + LADECO =>LanExpress
 Fenix Aviacion(****)Unconfirmed  
 Hamburg Chile2001 - 2001Inactive  
 LAC (Lineas Aereas Chilenas)1996 - 1997Renamed >Avant Airlines
 LADECO (Linea Aerea del Cobre)1958 - 2001RenamedLADECO was founded on 05Sep1958 / Lan Chile merged its cargo subsidiary Fast Air with Ladeco, forming LAN Express in Oct1998Fast Air Carrier + LADECO =>LanExpress
 LAN Airlines2004 - dateActiveLanChile changed its formal name to LAN Airlines on 17Jun2004Lan Airlines
 Lan Cargo2004 - dateActive  
 Lan Express2001 - dateActiveLan Chile merged its cargo subsidiary Fast Air with Ladeco, forming LAN Express in Oct1998Fast Air Carrier + LADECO =>LanExpress
 LanChile (Linea Aerea Nacional de Chile)1932 - 2004RenamedLanChile changed its formal name to LAN Airlines on 17Jun2004>Lan Airlines
 LanChile Cargo1989* - 1991*Inactive  
 LASA (Linea Aerea Sud-Americana)1968* - 1981*Inactive  
 LASSA (Linea de Aeroservicios SA)2002* - 2011*Status?  
 LATISA1978* - 1979*Status?  
 Linea Aerea Condor1969* - 1969*Status?  
 Linea Aerea SAPSA2007* - 2008*Status?  
 Linea Aerea Taxpa1957* - 1979*Inactive  
 Linea Aeropostal Santiago-Arica1929 - 1932RenamedLinea Aeropostal Santiago-Arica began operations on 05Mar1929>Lan Airlines
 Lineas Aereas Interpolar1959* - 1960*Status?  
 Lyon Air1951* - 1951*Status?  
 National Airlines1992 - 1998Renamed >Avant Airlines
 New South Ways (NSW)1999 - 1999Inactive  
 One Airlines2013 - dateActive  
 Pacific Airlines Chile(2001)Began?  
 PAL Airlines2009 - 2014InactivePAL Airlines ceased operations on 04Aug2014PAL Airlines
 Palm Aire Chile2000* - 2000*Status?  
 Patagonia Aviacion2003* - 2004*Status?  
 Principal Air Chile(2004)Began?  
 Pullman Express1998 - 1998Inactive  
 Rio Baker Cargo Airlines2012 - dateActive  
 Rutas Aereas Pitre y Parker Sams1961 - 1966*Status?  
 SABA Airlines1991 - 1992Inactivestatus & dates changed 
 Sky Airline2002 - dateActive  
 Sky Service Airlines2002 - 2002*Status?  
 Solastral1973* - 1973*Status?  
 Southeast Pacific Airways1992* - 1993RenamedSoutheast Pacific Airways was founded in 1992Southeast Pacific Airways >Avant Airlines
 Star Airlines Chile2004* - 2006Inactive  
 TAE (Transportes Aereos Ejeculivos)2003 - 2003*Status?  
 TAS (Transportes Aereos Squella)1972* - 1973Renamed >Transportes Aereos Suravia
 Transa Chile (Sociedad de Transportes de Chile) Aereos de Chile Ltda1957* - 1961Inactive  
 Transglobal Chile1977* - 1977*Inactive  
 Transporte Aereo SA**** - ****Status?  
 Transportes Aereos Coyhaique1979* - 1988Inactive  
 Transportes Aereos Isla Robinson Crusoe1999* - 2005*Status?  
 Transportes Aereos Norte y Sur y Cia1977^ - 1978Renamed >Aero Nortesur
 Transportes Aereos San Rafael2003* - 2004*Status?  
 Transportes Aereos Suravia1973 - 1975*Inactive Transportes Aereos Suravia
 Transportes San Francisco2011* - dateActive  
 Tur Bus1997* - 1997Renamed >Avant Airlines
 Varmontt Express2004* - 2004*Inactive