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El Salvador is a republic on the Pacific Coast of Central America, bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Guatemala and Honduras. As the smallest country in the region, El Salvador is second only to Guatemala in population, and is the most densely populated republic on the mainland of the Americas. Although traditionally a rural country, it has experienced extensive migration to urban areas in the 20th century, and nearly one-third of its population lives within the metropolitan area of San Salvador, the capital and largest city. The country was named El Salvador, which is Spanish for "the saviour," in honour of Jesus Christ.

Airline Operating Dates IATA : ICAO Tree Status Update Reason

 Aerolineas Salvador

1970s     Status?  


1985^ - 1997 -- : APU   Inactive  

 Aerovias Latino-Americanas

1947* - 1947     Inactive  

 AESA (Aerolineas de El Salvador SA)

1960* - 1991 SZ : SZA   Inactive  

 LASA (Lineas Aereas Salvadorenas)

1995^ - 1999     Inactive  

 TACA Airways (TACA El Salvador)

1939 - 1950   >Avianca Renamed  

 TACA International Airlines

1950 - 2013 TA : TAI >Avianca Renamed  

 TAES (Transportes Aereas de El Salvador)

1988* - 1994 -- : TES   Inactive  

 Veca Airlines

2014 > -- : VAR   Planned