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Nicaragua is a republic and the largest nation in Central America. Called "the land of lakes and volcanoes," Nicaragua contains regions of thick rain forests, rugged highlands, and fertile farming areas. The largest lakes in Central America and a chain of volcanic peaks dominate its western heartland, the centre of its population and economy. Severe earthquakes have destroyed Managua, its capital and largest city, twice in the 20th century.

AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsGenealogy

 Aero Nicaragua

1994 - 1994Inactive  

 Aero Pac

**** - ****Status?  

 Aero Servicios

**** - ****Status?  

 Aerolineas Centroamericanas

**** - ****Status?  

 Aeronica (Aerolineas Nicaraguenses)

1981 - 1992Inactive  


1994* - 2003Inactive  

 Aerovias Inca

1950* - 1950*Status?  

 Air Charter Cargo

2001 - 2001Inactive  

 Air Charter Cargo

2004* - 2006*Inactive  

 Air Nicaragua

2011 - 2012*Inactive  

 Atlantic Airline

1997* - 2008Inactive  

 CAAL (Central American Air Lines)

1990 - 1994Inactive  



 FANSA (Flota Aerea Nicaraguense)

1950* - 1950*Status?  

 La Costena

1999 - dateActive  

 LADECA (Lineas Aereas de Centro America)

1995* - 1999Inactive  

 LANEP (Lineas Areas de Nicaragua Empressa Palacios)

1935* - 1935Renamed >TACA de Nicuragua

 Lanica (Lineas Aereas de Nicaragua)

1946 - 1981InactiveLANICA was the national airline from 1945 until it ceased 31Aug1981 

 Linea Aerea Borinquen

1960* - 1960*Status?  

 NICA (Nicaraguenses de Aviacion)

1992 - 2004RenamedNICA (Nicaraguenses de Aviacion) was founded in 1992NICA >>Avianca

 Nica Air


 Nicaragua Airways


 Nicaragua Líneas Aéreas


 SANSA (Servicios Aereas Nicaragua)

2001 - 2003*Status?  

 TACA de Nicuragua

1935 - 1935*Status? TACA de Nicuragua

 Transportes Generales

2004 - 2005Inactive