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Saint Kitts and Nevis is a federation of independent state in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, comprising two of the Leeward Islands, Saint Kitts (or Saint Christopher) and Nevis, in the West Indies. The island of Saint Kitts is traversed by a mountain range, the highest point being Mount Liamuiga 1156 m (3793 ft). Area of the country is 269 sq km (104 sq mi).


Latest updates

22 July 20l14

Phoenix Airways- started scheduled charter services on July 16 added
AirlineOperating DatesStatusComments

Air St Kitts & Nevis

2004* - dateActive


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Kinair (Commercial Transport)

1978* - 1981Inactive


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Liberty Airways

1995 - 1995Renamed


^ Genealogy - >Columbus Airlines

Nevis Express

1993 - 2004*Inactive

Nevis Express (St Kitts) was formed in Alaska as Daystar Airways

^ Genealogy - Daystar Airways (Alaska) >Nevis Express (St Kitts)

Phoenix Airways

2014 - dateActive

Phoenix Airways started scheduled charter services on 16Jul2014

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Regal Air

**** - ****Status?


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SKN Air Express

2008 - 2009*Status?


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Sunjet International Airlines



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Tropexpress (Tropical International Airways)

2000 - 2005Inactive

Tropexpress (Tropical International Airways) was founded in 2000 providing services from the Caribbean to the US using leased L.1011 aircraft

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