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Suriname, formerly known as Dutch Guiana is a republic in north-eastern South America, bounded on the north by the Atlantic Ocean, on the east by French Guiana, on the south by Brazil, and on the west by Guyana. Also called Surinam, the country has an area of 163,265 sq km (63,037 sq mi).
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20Apr15updateFly AllWays: status changed back to 'Planned' as airline intends to start this year
AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsTree

 Air Surinam


 Blue Wing Airlines

2004 - dateActive  

 Caricom Airways (Caribbean Commuter Airways )

2009 - dateActive Caricom Airways

 Fly AllWays

2015 >Plannedstatus changed back to 'Planned' as airline intends to start this year 

 Gum Air

1971 - dateActive  

 Inter Tropical Aviation

1987^ - 2001Inactive  

 Kuyake Aviation

2004^ - 2009Renamed >Caricom Airways

 SIVA International


 SLM (Surinamse Luchtvracht Maatschappji)

1955 - 1975RenamedSLM was formed in 1955SLM >Surinam Airways

 SLO (Surinaamse Luchtvracht Onderneming)

1969* - 1973RenamedSLO was founded in 1969 

 Surinam Air Transport

1974 - 1974Inactive  

 Surinam Airways

1975 - dateActiveformed in 1955 as SLM (Surinamse Luchtvracht Maatschappji)Surinam Airways

 Surinamair (Surinam Air Cargo)

1971* - 1974Renamedairline was founded in 1969 

 Suriname International Victory Airline