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Czechoslovakia was a former republic in Central Europe, in existence from 1918 until 1993. On January 1, 1993, Czechoslovakia ceased to exist and the Czech Republic and Slovakia emerged as independent nations. In terms of land, population, and economy, the Czech Republic absorbed two-thirds and Slovakia one-third of the former Czechoslovakia.

Airline Operating Dates Status Tree Comments


1947* - 1969 Renamed Agrolet >Slovair  


(****) Unconfirmed    

 Ceskoslovenska Aerolinie (CSA)

1945 - 1995 Renamed >CSA (Czech Airlines) airline was founded in 1923 as Czechoslovak State Airlines

 CLS (Ceskoslovenska Letecka Spolecnost)

1927 - 1939 Renamed >CSA (Czech Airlines)  

 Czechoslovak State Airlines (Československé Státní Aerolinie)

1923 - 1939 Renamed >CSA (Czech Airlines)  

 Genius Air

1992* - 1992* Inactive    

 OK Czech

**** - **** Status?    

 SLAS (Slovenska Letecka Akciova Spolecnost)

1942 - 1945 Renamed >CSA (Czech Airlines)  

 Slovair (Slov-Air)

1969 - 1990* Status? Agrolet >Slovair Slovair was formed in 1969 through the reorganisation of Agrolet

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