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Lithuania is a republic in north-eastern Europe, bordered on the north by Latvia; on the east and south by Belarus; on the southeast by Poland and Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast; and on the west by the Baltic Sea. With Latvia and Estonia, Lithuania is one of the Baltic states. Vilnius, the capital and largest city of Lithuania, is located in the south-eastern portion of the country
Latest updates
23May15updateAir Lituanica ceases operations
18Feb15updateAurela - status changed to 'Inactive' as airline ceased operations on this day in 2013
AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsTree

 Air Klaipeda (Klaipedos Avialinijos)

2002* - 2003*Status?  

 Air Lithuania

1997 - 2005Inactive Air Lithuania

 Air Lituanica (airLituanica)

2013 - 2015Inactiveceased operations on 22May2015 

 Amber Air

2004 - 2007Inactive  

 Apatas Air

2003 - 2009Inactive Apatas


1996 - 2013Inactiveceased operations 13Feb2013 

 Aviapaslauga (AP Airlines)

1994* - 2000*Renamed >Apatas


1999 - dateActive  

 Avion Express

2008 - dateActive Avion Express

 City Air Services

1991 - 1992Renamed >Air Lithuania

 Danu Oro Transportas

2004 - 2006Renamed >DOT LT

 DAT Lite

2012 - dateActive  


2006 - dateActive DOT LT


2005 - 2009Inactivesuspended operations on 17Jan2009FlyLAL

 FlyLAL Charters

2008 - 2010Renamed >Small Planet Airlines

 Grand Cru Airlines

2013 - dateActive  

 HC Airways

2007 - 2009Renamed >Star1 Airways


2014 - dateActive  


1992 - 1997Renamed >Air Lithuania

 Lithuania Express


 Lithuanian Airlines

1991 - 2005Renamed >FlyLAL

 Nordic Solutions Air Services

2005 - 2008Renamed >Avion Express

 Small Planet Airlines

2010 - dateActive Small Planet Airlines

 Star1 Airways

2009 - 2010Inactive Star1 Airways


2010* - 2010*Status?  

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