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Macedonia is an historic region in south-eastern Europe, in the south central part of the Balkan Peninsula. Macedonia covered about 66,000 sq km (25,500 sq mi). Today slightly more than half of the region lies in northern and north-eastern Greece, in the Greek province of Macedonia. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and a small portion of Bulgaria make up the remainder of the region. Macedonia spanned a diverse geographic area. Though mostly mountainous, the region also encompassed the valleys of the Aliákmon, Vardar (Axiós), Néstos, and Struma rivers, all of which drain into the Aegean Sea.

AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsGenealogy



 Air Macedonia

1992 - 1994Inactive  

 Air Service

2000* - 2000Inactive  

 Air Vardar


 Airlift Service

2008 - 2011Inactive  


1999 - 2002InactiveAvioimpex was formed in 1992 as Interimpex-AvioimpexInterimpex-Avioimpex >Avioimpex

 Bosna Air

1992 - 1993Renamed >Vardar Bosna Air

 Falcon Airlines

1992 - 1993Inactive  

 Interimpex-Avioimpex (Makedonija Airways)

1992 - 1999Renamedformed in 1992 and renamed to Avioimpex in 1999>Avioimpex

 Laluna Airlines


 Macedonia Air Service

1992 - 1994Inactive  

 MAT Airways

2010 - 2011Inactive  

 MAT Macedonian Airlines

1994 - 2009Inactiveestablished on 16Jan1994 & started operations on 23Jun1994 

 META (Meta AviaTransport Macedonia)

1992 - 1994Inactive  


2010 - 2012*Status?  

 Monte Air


 Palair Macedonian

1991 - 1996Inactive  

 SkyWings International (Airlift Services)

2009 - 2011Inactive  

 Star Airlines

2010* - 2010Inactive  

 Vardar Bosna Air (VB Air)

1993 - 1993*Renamed Vardar Bosna Air