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Uzbekistan is a republic in Central Asia, bordered on the west and north by Kazakhstan, on the east by Kyrgyzstan, on the southeast by Tajikistan, and on the south by Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. The Qoraqalpogh Autonomous Republic (also known as Qoraqalpoghiston, or Karakalpakstan) occupies 37 percent of Uzbekistan's territory in the western portion of the country. Toshkent (Tashkent), located in the northeast, is the capital city and chief industrial and cultural centre. Uzbeks make up the majority of the republic's population. In the official state language of Uzbek, the republic is called Uzbekiston Respublikasy (Republic of Uzbekistan).

AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsGenealogy

 Avialeasing Aviation

1992 - dateActiveAvialeasing Aviation was first non-government charter airline / formed 1992 

 Bukhara Air Squadron

1998* - 1999*Status?  

 Inter-Cargo Service

2004* - 2004*Inactive  

 Samarkand United Air Detachment

1998* - 2001*Status?  

 Silk Road Cargo Business

2011 - dateActiveAOC awarded on 11Jul2011 


2000* - 2000*Inactive  



 TAPC Aviatrans

2010* - dateActive  

 TAPO Avio

1995 - 2002Renamed TAPO Avio (Uzbekistan) >Galaxy Air (Kyrgyzstan)


**** - ****Status?  

 Uzbekistan Airways

1992 - dateActiveUzbekistan Airways was formed in 1992 

 Uzbekistan Cargo Service

2001* - 2002*Inactive  

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