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Myanmar is a republic in Southeast Asia, bordered on the west by Bangladesh, on the northwest by India's Assam State, on the northeast by China's Yunnan Province, on the east by Laos and Thailand, and on the southwest by the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The longest land border is shared with China. Myanmar was formerly known as Burma until 1989. The English version of the country's name was changed by the military government that took over in 1988. Rangoon) was the capital and largest city.

update24Nov14Airways BurmaAirline now confirmed. C.47 (DC3) operator in the late 1940s

AirlineOperating DatesIATA : ICAOTreeStatusUpdate Reason

 Airways Burma

1949 - 1950*  Status? 

 Burma Airways

1972 - 1989UB : --->Myanmar National AirwaysRenamed 

 Peacock Airlines

1947* - 1947*  Status? 

 UBA (Union of Burma Airways)

1948 - 1972 >Myanmar AirwaysRenamedfounded in 1948

 Union of Burma Air Transport Board

(1948) >Myanmar AirwaysUnconfirmed