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French Polynesia is an overseas territory of France, located in the South Pacific Ocean, about 3000 km (about 2000 mi) south of Hawaii and half way between New Zealand to the west and South America to the east. The capital is Papeete, which is located on Tahiti, the largest island in the territory.


AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsGenealogy

 Air Archipels

1996* - dateActive  

 Air Moorea

1968 - dateActiveAir Moorea started operations on 15Sep1968 

 Air Polynesie

1970 - 1987Renamed RAI >Air Polynesie >Air Tahiti

 Air Tahiti

1968* - 1979*Status?  

 Air Tahiti

1987 - dateActiveAir Tahiti began operations as RAI in 1950RAI >Air Polynesie >Air Tahiti

 Air Tahiti Nui

1998 - dateActiveAir Tahiti Nui was founded on 31Oct1996 & commenced operations on 20Nov1998 


2004* - 2006*Status?  

 Pacific Fret Airways

1992 - 1993Inactive  


2009^ - dateActive  

 RAI (Reseau Aerien Interinsulaire)

1950 - 1970RenamedRAI was founded in 1950RAI >Air Polynesie >Air Tahiti

 Regie Aerienne Interinsuiaire

1951 - 1956*Status?  

 Tahiti Air Tour Service

1978* - 1979*Status?  

 Tahiti Airlines


 Tahiti Conquest Airlines

1990* - 1996Inactive  


Late 1940sStatus?  

 Wanair (Wan Air)

1987* - 2004Inactive