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Iraq is a republic in Southwest Asia, bordered on the north by Turkey, on the east by Iran; on the south by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Persian Gulf, and on the west by Jordan and Syria. Iraq has an area of 438,317 sq km (169,235 sq mi). Some of the world's greatest ancient civilizations were developed in the area that makes up modern Iraq. Baghdâd is the country's capital and largest city

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12Apr15addedFlyBaghdad, is expected to start flights to neighbouring countries by July. Iraq’s conflict with Islamic State militants has prompted the exodus of foreign airlines

AirlineOperating DatesStatusTreeComments

 Air Baghdad


 Air Kurdistan


 AlNaser Airlines

2009 - dateActive  

 Azmar Air

2005* - dateActive founded in 2005

 Bin Fimas Airlines



2015 >Planned expected to start flights in July 2015

 IPTC (Iraq Petroleum Transport Company)

1947* - 1961*Status?  

 Iraqi Airways

1946 - dateActive  

 Ishtar Air

2005 - 2010*Status?  

 Jupiter Airlines


 Korek Airlines


 Kurdistan Airlines

2005 - 2006*Inactive  


2010* - 2012Inactive  

 Mesopotamia Air

2008 - 2008Inactive  

 Sawan Airlines

**** - ****Status?  

 United Iraqi Airlines


 Zagros Air

2013 - 2013RenamedZagros Air >ZagrosJetZagros Air changed it's name to ZagrosJet prior to launch


2013 - dateActiveZagros Air >ZagrosJetZagros Air changed it's name to ZagrosJet prior to launch

 Zozik Air

2006* - 2007*Status?  

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