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Laos is an independent state of Southeast Asia, bordered on the north by China and Vietnam, on the east by Vietnam, on the south by Cambodia, on the west by Thailand, and on the northwest by Myanmar (formerly Burma). Laos is Southeast Asia's only landlocked nation and has a total area of 236,800 sq km (91,400 sq mi). The capital and largest city of Laos is Vientiane.

Latest updates
24Feb15newsLao Central Airlines: has revised its planned resumption of services date from mid year, to year-end
01Feb15addedLao Skyway was renamed from Lao Air to distinguish itself from Lao Airlines
19Jan15addedCivil Aviation Company was formed by merger of Royal Air Lao and Lao Air Lines : renamed to Lao Aviation
AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsGenealogy

 Air Architects


 Air Lao

1952* - 1961Inactive  

 Air Laos Transports

1957 - 1962Renamed >Lao Airlines

 Air Union

1973* - 1974*Status?  

 Air Vientiane Laos

1964* - 1967*Status?  

 Bird & Sons Aviation Division

1960 - 1965Renamed >CASI

 Bird Air (BirdAir)

1975 - 1980*Inactive  


1975* - 1975*Inactive  

 BOA (Boun Oum Airways)

1965* - 1967Renamed >CASI

 CASI (Continental Air Services, Inc.)

1965 - 1972Inactive CASI

 Civil Aviation Company

1976 - 1979Renamedformed by merger of Royal Air Lao and Lao Air Lines & renamed Lao Aviation 

 Euro Asia Aviation

2002* - 2003Inactive  

 Lane Xang Airlines

1973* - 1975Inactive  

 Lao Air

2013* - 2014*Renamed  

 Lao Air Lines

1967* - 1973Renamed >Lao Airlines

 Lao Airlines

1967* - 1975Inactive  

 Lao Airlines

2003 - dateActiveLao Airlines was formed in Jan1975 as Lao AviationLao Airlines

 Lao Aviation

1979 - 2003RenamedLao Airlines was formed in Jan1975 as Lao Aviation>Lao Airlines

 Lao Capricorn Air

2009 - 2012*Renamed +>Lao Central Airlines

 Lao Cathay Airlines

1967* - 1967*Status?  

 Lao Central Airlines

2011 - 2014Inactive Lao Central Airlines

 Lao Skyway

2014* - dateActivewas renamed from Lao Air to distinguish itself from Lao Airlines 

 Lao United Airlines

1968* - 1971Inactive  

 Laos Air Charter

1967* - 1975Inactive  


1970* - 1970*Status?  



 Pathet Lao Airlines

1974* - 1974*Status?  

 Phongsavanh Airlines

2010* - 2011Renamed >Lao Central Airlines

 Royal Air Lao

1962 - 1976Renamed >Lao Airlines

 Samaki Airlines

1975* - 1975*Status?  

 Sorya Airlines

1975* - 1975*Inactive  

 Vehu Akat

1967* - 1967*Inactive  

 Xiengkhouang Air

1967* - 1975Inactive  

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