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Lebanon is a republic on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Southwest Asia. Lebanon's coastal location, high mountain backbone, and climate have greatly influenced the country's history, peoples, and economy. The coastal area of present-day Lebanon was settled more than 7001 years ago and later evolved as the heart of seafaring Phoenicia. Following centuries of Ottoman control, France ruled Lebanon under a League of Nations mandate after the Ottoman Empire was defeated in World War I (1914-1918). During World War II (1939-1945) Lebanon became an independent republic and for three decades prospered under a free-market economy. However, the country experienced increasing hostility among rival religious groups, especially between Christians and Muslims. These and other domestic tensions, intensified by foreign influences, erupted into the devastating Lebanese Civil War from 1975 to 1990. Beirut is Lebanon's capital, principal port, and largest city
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update13Nov14MEA (Middle East Airlines)status changed to 'Inactive' as airline suspended operations in early September
AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsTree

 Air Liban

1956* - 1963Renamed >MEA

 Berytos Airways

2003* - 2008Inactive  

 Blue Sky Aviation

2006* - 2006Inactive  

 Caledonian Airlines

**** - ****Status?  

 CGT (Compagnie Generale de Transport)

1945 - 1951Renamed >MEA

 Cirrus Middle East

2005* - 2007Inactive >ImperialJet


2010* - 2011*Renamed >Emereld Jets

 Emereld Jets

2011* - dateActive Emereld Jets

 Flying Carpet

2004* - 2009Renamedairline was founded in 2001Flying Carpet >Med Airways


2004 - 2007Inactive  


2007 - dateActive ImperialJet

 Lebanese Air Transport

1961 - 1965RenamedLebanese Overseas Airways was formed as Lebanese Air Transport in 1961>Lebanese Overseas Airways

 Lebanese International Airways

1963* - 1963Renamed >MEA

 Lebanese Overseas Airways

1965 - 1966*Status?Lebanese Overseas Airways was formed as Lebanese Air Transport in 1961Lebanese Overseas Airways

 Lebanon International Airways

1960* - 1960*Status?  

 MEA (Middle East Airlines)

1946 - 1963RenamedMEA was founded on 31May1945 & operations started on 01Jan1946>MEA

 MEA (Middle East Airlines)

1965 - 2014Inactive MEA

 Med Airways

2009 - dateActive Med Airways


2004 - 2010Inactive  

 Middle East Airlines - Air Liban

1963 - 1965RenamedMEA was merged with Air Liban on 7 June 1963>MEA

 Peoples Airways

**** - ****Status?  

 TMA (Trans Mediterranean Airways)

1953 - 2004Inactive  

 TMA Cargo

1953 - dateActive  

 TransOrient Airlines

1993 - 1994Inactive  

 Wings of Lebanon

2006 - dateActive