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Nauru is an island and republic in the central Pacific Ocean, situated just south of the equator. It is a raised coral island, oval in shape, with an area of 21.2 sq km (8.2 sq mi). The district of Yaren is the country's capital.

update22Oct14Nauru Airlinesstatus changed to 'Active' after airline was rebranded from Our Airline in August this year

AirlineOperating DatesIATA : ICAOTreeStatusUpdate Reason

 Air Nauru

1970 - 2006ON : RON>Nauru AirlinesRenamedchange of tree after a rebrand

 Nauru Airlines

2014 - dateON : RONNauru AirlinesActiverebranded from Our Airline

 Our Airline

2006 - 2014ON : RON>Nauru AirlinesRenamedrebranded to Nauru Airlines