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Nepal is a constitutional monarchy in South Asia. Locked within the rugged ranges of the Himalayas, Nepal is bordered by the Tibet region of China on the north and India on the south, east, and west. It was cut off from the rest of the world until the early 1950s, when a palace revolution and the subsequent overthrow of the autocratic Rana dynasty marked the beginning of Nepal's emergence into the modern world. Kathmandu is the capital and largest city
Latest updates
26Mar15updateAir Mandalay will resume scheduled commercial flights on May 1
25Feb15newsHimalaya Airways plans to use a leased Jetstream 41 to offer charter flights to Bhutan and India initially before leasing three A320s
20Jan15newsBishwo Airways: Is looking to commence scheduled, full-service international flights later this month using an A.330-200

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AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsGenealogy

 Agni Air

2005 - 2012Inactive

Agni Air was established as an air-taxi company in 2005


 Air Nepal International

2005 - 2006Inactive



 Alpine Air

2011* - 2011Inactive



 Ampro Airwayscomag




 Base Air

2005 - 2006*Status?



 BB Airways

2012 - 2013Inactive



 Bishwo Airways

2015 >Planned



 Blue Airways




 Buddha Air

1997 - dateActive

Buddha Air was formed in 1997 offering domestic services within Nepal, servicng the tourist industry


 Cosmic Air

1998 - 2008Inactive

Cosmic Air was formed in 1997 & started operations on 01Jan1998


 Everest Air

1992 - 1998Inactive

Everest Air was formed as Nepal Air Charter in 1992

Nepal Air Charter >Everest Air

 Flight Care Aviation

**** - ****Inactive



 Flying Dragon Airlines

2005 - 2006*Status?

2008 - 2008Inactive



 Garud Air

**** - ****Inactive



 Goma Air

2011 - dateActive



 Gorkha Airlines

1996 - dateActive

Gorkha Airlines was formed in 1996 offering scheduled and charter flights around Nepal.


 Guna Airlines

2009 - dateActive



 Gurans Air




 Himalaya Airlines



Yeti Air International >Himalaya Airlines

 Lumbini Airways

1997 - 2001Inactive

Lumbini Airways was formed in 1996


 Makalu Air

2010 - dateActive



 Mero Airlines

**** - ****Inactive



 Mountain Air

2000 - 2002Inactive



 Necon Air

1992 - 2003Inactive



 Nepal Air Charter

1992* - 1992Renamed

Everest Air was formed as Nepal Air Charter in 1992

Nepal Air Charter >Everest Air

 Nepal Airlines

2006 - dateActive


RNAC (Royal Nepal Airlines) >Nepal Airlines

 Nepal Airways

1992* - 1998Inactive



 NNA (Namaste Nepalese Air)




 Om Airways




 RNAC (Royal Nepal Airlines)

1958 - 2006Renamed

formed on 01Jul1958 & started operations on 03Jul1958

RNAC (Royal Nepal Airlines) >Nepal Airlines

 Royal Air Nepal

1992* - 2001*Status?



 Saurya Airlines

2014 - dateActive

Saurya Airlines start operations on 17Nov2014


 Shangrila Air (Shangri La Air)

2000 - 2008Inactive



 Shradda Airways




 Simrik Airlines

2009* - dateActive

Simrik Airlines was founded in 2009


 Sita Air

2003 - dateActive



 Skyline Airways

1999 - 2006Inactive



 Swift Air Nepal



Swift Air Nepal

 Tara Air

2009 - dateActive



 Yeti Air International

2013* - 2014*Renamed


Himalaya Airlines

 Yeti Airlines

1998 - dateActive