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New Caledonia and Dependencies are an overseas territory of France, situated in the south-western Pacific Ocean, east of Australia. The territory comprises the island of New Caledonia and a number of smaller islands and island groups. The dependencies include the Loyalty Islands, east of New Caledonia; the Isle of Pines, to the southeast; the Chesterfield Islands, to the west, and the Huon Islands, to the northwest. The total area is 19,058 sq km (7358 sq mi). The capital, largest city, and main port of the territory is Nouméa.

Airline Operating Dates IATA : ICAO Tree Status Update Reason

 Air Alize

2009* - date -- : RLZ   Active  

 Air Avia

2002* - 2002*   >Air Loyaute Renamed  

 Air Caledonie

1967 - date TY : TPC Air Caledonie Active  

 Air Loyaute

2002* - date -- : VZR Air Loyaute Active  

 Aircalin (Air Caledonie International)

1983 - date SB : ACI   Active  


2001* - 2002* -- : VZR >Air Loyaute Renamed  


1978* - 1979*     Status?  

 Transpac (Societe Caledonienne de Transportes) Aeriens

1955 - 1967   >Air Caledonie Renamed