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Réunion is an overseas department and administrative region of France. It is largest of the Mascarene island group in the Indian Ocean, southeast of Madagascar. The island is volcanic in origin and is mountainous. The capital of Réunion is Saint-Denis, a port on the northern coast.

Airline Operating Dates IATA : ICAO Tree Status Update Reason

 Air Austral

1990 - date UU : REU Air Austral Active  

 Air Bourbon

2003 - 2004 2J : VBW   Inactive  

 Air Reunion

1987 - 1990   >Air Austral Renamed  

 Air Reunion International

**** - **** UU : ---   Status?  

 Astral Airlines

2009* - 2009*     Status?  

 Reunion Air Service

1975 - 1987 UU : --- >Air Austral Renamed