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Samoa is an independent island nation in the southern Pacific Ocean, located about 2900 km (about 1800 mi) northeast of New Zealand. It occupies the large western portion of the 480-km (300-mi) long Samoan archipelago which is divided at longitude 171 west; the Samoan islands east of this line form the United States territory of American Samoa. Known for many years as Western Samoa, the country changed its official name to Samoa in 1997. From the end of World War II in 1945 to its independence in 1962, Western Samoa was a United Nations trust territory administered by New Zealand. Apia is the country's capital, largest town, and commercial centre.

23Jun14newsManu'a Airways- now planning to start operations in mid/late July

AirlineOperating DatesIATA : ICAOTreeStatusUpdate Reason

 Inter Island Airways

1993 - dateJY : IWY Active 

 Manua Air Transport

**** - ****  Inactive 

 Manu'a Airways

2014 >  Planned 

 Polynesian Airlines

1959 - datePH : PAOPolynesian AirlinesActive 

 Polynesian Blue

2005 - 2012-- : PBL>Virgin SamoaRenamed 

 Samoa Air

1986* - 2004SE : --- Inactive 

 Samoa Air

2012 - date-- : SZB Active 

 Samoa Aviation

1986* - 2002*  Status? 

 Samoan Air Lines

1959 - 1963*  Status? 

 South Pacific Island Airways (SPIA)

1973 - 1987HK : SPI Inactive 

 South Seas Airways

1972* - 1972*  Status? 

 SPEX (South Pacific Express)

2005 - 2009  Inactive 

 Virgin Samoa

2012 - dateDJ : PBNVirgin SamoaActive