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Yemen was formerly commonly called South Yemen, former country of Asia, now comprising the southern part of the Republic of Yemen. The former PDRY is located on the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Founded in 1967 as the People's Democratic Republic of Southern Yemen, it was renamed the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY) in 1970. Until 1990, the PDRY was governed by the 111-member Supreme People's Council under a constitution enacted in 1970. The country's capital was Aden. On May 22, 1990, in accordance with a constitution drafted nine years earlier, the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen and the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR) established a unified state.

AirlineOperating DatesStatusTreeComments

 Aden Airways

1949* - 1967Inactive  

 Alyemda-Democratic Yemen Airlines

1961* - 1996Renamed>Yemenia 

 BASCO (Brothers Air Service)

1967 - 1967Inactive  

 Yemen Airways

1972 - 1978Renamed>Yemenia 

 Yemen Airways

1989* - 1990*Status?>Yemenia