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Vietnam is a country located on the eastern coast of the Indochinese Peninsula. Vietnam is bordered on the north by China, on the west by Laos and Cambodia, and on the south and east by the South China Sea. Hanoi is the capital, and Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) is the largest city
Latest updates
22Apr15addedGlobaltrans Air: will offer charter services using Beech King Air 200s
02Oct14updateHai Au Aviation started seaplane operations on Sept. 9 this year
AirlineOperating DatesStatusTreeComments

 Air Mekong


 Air Mekong

2010 - 2013Inactive  

 Air Saigon

1971* - 1971*Inactive  

 Air Speed Up

2008* - 2008*Renamed>Indochina Airlines 

 Air Vietnam

1951 - 1975InactiveAir Vietnam 





 CITCA (Compagnie Internationale de Transports Civil Aeriens)

1964* - 1965*Status?  

 Hai Au Aviation

2014 - dateActive  

 Hang Khong Vietnam

1956^ - 1989Renamed>Vietnam Airlines 

 Indochina Airlines

2008 - 2009InactiveIndochina Airlines 

 Jetstar Pacific

2008 - dateActiveJetstar Pacific 

 Pacific Airlines

1991 - 2008Renamed>Jetstar Pacific 

 Phu Quoc Air

2008* - 2008*Renamed>Mekong Air 

 Trai Thien Air Cargo


 VASCO (Vietnam Air Service Company)

1987 - dateActive  

 Vector Aviation




 VietJet AirAsia



2011 - dateActiveVietJetAir 

 Vietnam Airlines

1989 - dateActiveVietnam Airlines 

 Vietnam Airlines Express

2003* - 2004*Status?  

 Vietstar Airlines

2012 - dateActive  

 Vina AirAsia


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