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Honduras is a republic in Central America, bordered on the north and east by the Caribbean Sea, on the south by Nicaragua, on the southwest by the Pacific Ocean and El Salvador, and on the west by Guatemala. Honduras is one of the largest Central American republics, with an area of 112,492 sq km (43,433 sq mi). The capital and largest city is Tegucigalpa.

AirlineOperating DatesStatusCommentsGenealogy

 Aero Honduras

2003 - 2005Inactive Aero Honduras

 Aero Servicios (Trans Caribbean Airlines)

1957 - 1993Inactive  

 AeroCaribe de Honduras (Honduras Air)

2008* - dateActive  

 Aerolineas Internacionales de Honduras

**** - ****Inactive  

 Aerolineas SOSA

1984 - dateActive  


1989* - 1989*Status?  

 ANHSA (Aerovias Nacionales de Honduras SA)

1950 - 1989*Inactive  

 Atlantic Airlines de Honduras

2001* - 2008InactiveAtlantic Airlines de Honduras was founded in 2001 

 AVIAC (Aerovias Centroamericanas)


 Blue Air Sea International Cargo

1986* - 1987Renamed >Servicios Aereos Generales

 Caribbean Air

1995 - 1998Inactive  

 Central American Airways

2007 - 2011Inactive  

 CM Airlines (Cielo Maya)

2008 - dateActiveCM Airlines started operations in Aug2008 


2011 - dateActiveEasySky started operations on 09Sep2011 

 Empresa Dean

1932* - 1933*Status?  

 Honduras International

1962* - 1962*Status?  

 Honduras National Airlines


 Islena Regional Airlines (Islena de Inversiones)

1981 - dateActive  

 LAN (Lineas Aereas Nacionales de Honduras)

2001 - 2001Inactive  

 Lanhsa (Línea Aérea Nacional de Honduras)

2011* - dateActive  

 LANSA (Lineas Aereas Nacionales SA)

1967 - 1979*Status?  

 Rollins Air

1995 - dateActive  

 SAHSA (Servicio Aereo de Hoduras S.A.)

1945 - 1990*Renamedairline was founded in 1945>TAN-SAHSA

 Servicios Aereos Generales

1987 - 1989*Inactive Servicios Aereos Generales

 SETCO (Servicios Ejecutivos Turisticos Commander)

1981^ - 2006*Status?  

 Sol Air (SolAir)(SunAir)

2002 - 2003Renamed >Aero Honduras

 TACA Airways (TACA de Honduras)

1933* - 1943*Inactive TACA Airways

 TAN (Transportes Aereos Nacionales)

1947* - 1990*Renamed >TAN-SAHSA

 TAN Carga

1989* - 1991Renamed >TAN-SAHSA


1990* - 1993Inactive TAN-SAHSA

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